When we were ministering in a small town in So. IN., one Sunday a woman walked down the aisle that we had never seen before. You could tell by her face she had lived a hard life.  Ray treated her as he would have anyone that came forward, and at her request, Baptized her. Turns out one of our members and wife had been in Bible studies with this lady and her husband and she was convicted.

     Several weeks later her face radiated the grace of God. It was just marvelous to see her love of her Heavenly Father shining on her face. A complete about face. 

     And several weeks later her husband came for the first time. He had been convicted and had asked the member that had won him to the Lord to Baptize him in the river.  The small community where this couple lived was amazed at the changed man that had been the town drunk with terrible language now telling them how Jesus had changed his life, and he was now a living example.

     They became wonderful active church members and he soon became someone who loved to say something smart and funny to me that required a similar response from me. He passed away last Fall and when we saw him a week or so before he died, not only did he say to us that he was ready to go home, but he had a smart and funny comment for me. I laughed but didn’t come up with a retort. I will never forget how God changed these two that we came to love and cherish.  Thankfully their children came to the Lord as well.     


Sandra Naugle is co-Editor of W&W and lives in Sellersburg, IN.