Recently a member of the church was approached about helping out in some program of work. The reply was one which seems to be right on the tip of our tongues. “I just don’t have the time to give.” There’s little use trying to convince one who makes this excuse that he has as much time as everyone else does and even if you did, in all probability the task would never get done.

     I am not at all sure who wrote the following words expressed by almost all who teach or preach the Gospel. “God never goes to the lazy or to the idle when he needs men for His service. When He has work to be done, He goes to those who are already at work. When God wants a servant, He calls a busy person. Scripture attests to this fact.”

  • Moses was busy with his flock at Horeb.
  • Gideon was busy threshing wheat by the winepress.
  • Saul was busy searching for his father’s asses.
  • David was busy caring for his father’s sheep.
  • Elisha was busy plowing.
  • Nehemiah was busy serving the king.
  • Amos was busy tending his flock.
  • James and John were busy mending their nets.
  • Matthew was busy collecting taxes.

        Too busy to serve the Lord? Never! Too lazy, maybe, but never too busy.


-Author Unknown


-From the bulletin of Hamburg Pike Church of Christ, Jeffersonville, IN