A kiss that had no love

From a follower with lips that strained

A secret sign: a traitor’s kiss,

No tender message proclaimed


A vow that was lightly broken;

One boasted to leave he would not

Then cursing and swearing, he followed afar;

To count the cost he forgot.


A watch that could not be kept;

Three disciples fell fast asleep.

‘Twas not an impossible task required

But vigilance they could not keep.


A zeal that showed no intelligence:

With a sword one tried to live.

All arms ordered down and love upheld;

Christ would His life freely give.


What crucified my Lord, you ask?

It grieves me the answer to say.

Aloof, indifferent, or seeking my own,

I oft repeat the act today.



Joyce Broyles is a retired High School Librarian and resides in Jennings, LA.