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September 1923 News and Notes

by Compiled By Larry Miles

From Lake City, Fla.: “Our work at Watertown shows increased interest. One baptized the second Lord’s Day in August.

W. J. Johnson will begin a meeting there the third Lord’s Day.” J. M. Cole.

From H. L. Olmstead: “I spent over three weeks in July ‘breaking new ground’ at a point in Perry County, Indiana. Brethren from Lily Dale and Gruver’s Chapel supported the meeting. Also, the neighborhood where the meeting was held. Several mature people were baptized, a few reclaimed and three came from denominations. In all about twenty persons will form the nucleus for a new congregation where the worship was begun at once.”

 From Coffeeville, A la.: “I closed a two weeks’ meeting at Jones Chapel, Clark County, August 5. Four were added, two from the Baptists, two baptized. A good interest was maintained throughout the meeting in spite of almost daily rains. Shall begin another meeting at Griffin’s Chapel August 12, Lord willing.” G B. Dasher.

 Η. N. Rutherford and J. M. Hottel had a good meeting at Madison, Ala., in which 7 put on Christ in baptism. Brother Rutherford went next to Stiversville, Tenn., and from there to a place near Columbia. The meeting at Scribner’s Mills, Tenn., in which B rother Daugherty preached, resulted in the baptism of 10 and the restoration of 3. Remarkable interest ; is reported.

 “Our tent meeting at Twenty-second and Lytle Streets, Louisville, closed Tuesday night. There were fourteen in all that came forward: nine to make the good confession, one restored, four to take membership with the Portland Avenue congregation.

 Brother Clark left for Iowa Thursday, and I leave Saturday morning for a meeting at Eubank, Ky.” Maurice Clymore.

 “I closed a mission meeting at Albany, Oklahoma, July 22. Had excellent attendance throughout. One lady was baptized into Jesus Christ. Word and Work grows better with each issue.” J. E. Blansett.

From Tullahoma, Tenn.: “We have painted the interior of our building and I think we will have new benches ready for our meeting which is to be held by J. M. Gainer, of Winchester, Tenn.” Clyde L. Scott.

 “At my regular visit at Salem Church last Lord’s Day two placed membership with the congregation there. One came from the Baptist church and one from the Christian church. Brother Olmstead begins meeting there Sunday. August 12. Pray for the work.” Edward E. Kranz.


From First Prize W inner in Contest No. 1: “I cannot tell you how pleased I was to get your letter with the check enclosed. Please convey my thanks to the one who donated the money or discover his identity to me, that I may do it personally.” Kenneth Spaulding.

We have received word from Clayton Webb of Portland Me.: “Brother Η. J. Stultz has gone home to his Lord, and we feel that we have lost a valuable worker in our brotherhood.”

 We congratulate that splendid weekly paper, The Living Message, of Harper, Kan., upon the acquisition into their merger, of—The Missionary Messenger. The Living Message will carry the Missionary Messenger reports from across the sea.

 Wallace Cauble’s meeting at Ash’s Creek, near Bloomfield, Ky., brought 13 into the church by baptism, and 8 were reclaimed. Brother Cauble is a young preacher of much promise indeed. May God abundantly bless his labors.

A report in Christian Leader from W. W. Freeman has the ring of real missionary work. Writing of a meeting at Corinth, near Lafayette, Tenn.: “Several pistol shots have been fired. . . . There is not a high school in this county. Bug Tussle needs another meeting this fall. I begin a t new schoolhouse near Pumpkin Town on Thursday night. . .. Next Thursday I go to Hillsdale to baptize a woman who sends word for me to come.”

“The meeting with the brethren at Eubank, KY., resulted in much good for the Lord. Large crowds, good behavior, and splendid attention helped to make the meeting the best in years. Twenty-nine made the good confession and were baptized, and two took membership with the congregation, Bro. Bornwasser and I will begin a meeting at Eagle Church in Missouri, August 25. “May the Lord bless every effort put forth to make Word and Work the best ever.” Maurice Clymore.

From Chattanooga: “The Central church in Chattanooga is much rejoiced. The 7th of August they lifted a $6,000.00 mortgage on their church property. Three years ago, the church bought a large brick residence as a church site which cost $12,000.00. Church had no money then and has kept up the regular home work and some foreign work and has paid the last dollar on the debt. We are now borrowing money to put up a new building. I know of few people who need a church house more than the Central church. The church is young but is making good progress we think. “I have just closed a good tent meeting in North Chattanooga. Splendid attendance and interest. Several additions to the church. Success to the Word and Work— the paper is great.” E. H. Hoover.

From Glenmora, La.: “Six were baptized in the Winnfield meeting. Four baptized and two restored in Rayville meeting. Met Brother Ferguson in Monroe who is laboring in hope. Saw much of an encouraging nature there. Brother Tippen’s death is a sad blow to the small congregation at Womack, as he was their main leader. Glenmora brethren paid $300 on property debt this month, a big sum for so few. C. C. McQuiddy, Forest Hill is offering his property for sale. He expects to leave the state. Word and Work is getting better all the time.” A. K. Ramsey.


From Childress, Tex.: “Just closed a meeting at Carey, Texas, with 18 additions; nine by primary obedience, nine by relation. We had a meeting there last fall with ten additions. There are now forty-two members. This present organization began its effort in April 1922, and it has been our privilege to get them started and to encourage them from time to time. We go to Olympus, another mission point, beginning tonight for a week or ten days. Will have time open for meetings or other work after this date.” R. A. Zahn.

“I have had a very enjoyable season in Florida. Spent two weeks at Wauchula where two names were added to the little band already worshipping there. This meeting was preceded by a discussion between Brother J. B. Peden, of Avon Park, and a Seventh Day Adventist. Brother H. C. Hinton, of Avon Park assists the Wauchula brethren regularly in work and worship. With him and his faithful wife I went one Lord’s Day afternoon to a meeting at Frost Proof some twenty-five or more miles away where Brother Hinton is wont to go regularly. Their help at both points is without remuneration. I spent two most enjoyable nights with the brethren a t Avon Park. This church helped support the Wauchula meeting and also furnished tent for same. Then while tent was being shipped to Winter Haven and things being put in order for meeting there, I had the privilege of hearing Brother C. D. Moore at Dundee where he and Brother D. A. Martin were in a good tent meeting. Worshipped in upper room with a few brethren at Winter Haven on Lord’s Day at Eagle Lake where Brother F. 0. Howell recently held a very successful meeting. A number of the Eagle Lake brethren were regular in attendance a t Winter Haven and helped financially and otherwise. Between fifteen and twenty will henceforth meet at Winter Haven and have good prospects of growth and usefulness. Here I baptized my oldest convert, a man eighty-four years of age. I made my home with Brother Η. N. Flack who is responsible for my preaching at Winter Haven. Next, I went to Ocala for one night. Two preaching brethren, M. L. Humphreys and S. W. Colson, worship and work at this place. A house has recently been bought of the Catholics and with some good hard work there should come to be a strong congregation at Ocala. Spent one night at Oxford and heard a good sermon by Brother A. T. Hamiter who was in an interesting meeting there. The fourth ‘Lord’s Day I gave to Gainesville where Brother J. P. Prevatt and a live congregation are doing some splendid work. They are now in a tent meeting in another part of the town. There I met again Brother W. J. Johnson who labored so long at Amite, La. He is attending the summer Normal at Gainesville. Had also the pleasure of spending a few hours with Brother Η. N. Rutherford at Jacksonville. I trust my Florida trip may prove as profitable as it was enjoyable.” ---Stanford Chambers.

“God is exercising His loving kindness and tender mercy toward the Jewish Mission work in Texas and particularly in the City of Dallas in a great and special manner. Sunday, ugust 19, 1923 was a memorable and solemn day at Garrett Ave. Church of Christ for every lover of our Lord’s brethren in the flesh. Brother Herman Hasse, 53 years of age, one of the Jewish race born in Russia who has been searching for what he believed to be the truth for 36 years has, through the Providence of God, been led to my acquaintance. After joyfully confessing Christ as his Messiah and realizing that through His precious Blood he has been purchased, willingly completed his obedience. He knew what he would lose by being baptized but did it in the face of all difficulties that are in store for him choosing rather to be a witness for his Redeemer. After a strong and forceful sermon by Brother C. M. Cuthbertson, Dr. E. V. Wood who has exerted his most earnest efforts in behalf of this work added fitting remarks and administered this solemn rite. This making the sixth soul from the seed of Abraham who is rejoicing that his name is written in the Lamb’s Book of Life. The event not only cheered our hearts but caused us to recall the scripture of our great Apostle Paul, Rom. 11:5. This is a great work which has only just begun to open to us. Let us seek fellow ship with HIM in this. THE LAMB OF GOD WHO TAKETH AWAY THE SIN OF THE WORLD, TO HIM BE ALL THE PRAISE AND HONOR.” Stephen D. Eckstein, Missionary. 4302 McKinney Ave., Dallas, Texa

Submitted by Larry Miles.  He attends Cherry St. Church of Christ in New Albany, IN.

And is Co-Editor of Word & Work.

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