If you think back to your childhood, you can conjure up all kinds of memories, good and bad. We like to dwell a while on the good memories and tend to put the bad ones behind us. Still, the experiences of childhood stay with us and help make us the people we are, today. Along the way, there are things that have made an impact in our lives because of their positive and life-altering nature. Those things are as much needed, today, as they were in our day and time. In some way, we need to share those things with our young people to help them along the way. Here are a few things to think about:

  1. Let our young people know they are loved. School lessons center on academic performance. Love is something they need, but cannot learn in a book. They need to know they are loved by others around them. Tell them you love them and show them that love by kindness and charitable actions.
  2. Encourage them. Young people aren’t perfect and they will make mistakes. Let them know you believe in them and want to see them succeed.
  3. Listen to them. Young people are told a lot of things. What they need, as much as anything, is to talk and tell adults what is on their heart. It helps them get things out, but it also lets them know someone thinks they are important.
  4. Help them. The “School of Hard Knocks” is a good school, but it can be impossible, at times, and cause young people to give up. Give young people a hand and help them through difficult times. All of us have needed help at one time. Help the young!


Gary Knuckles lives in Briensburg, KY  and is a recently retired Minister of the Gospel.  (For almost 40 years) He is now serving as an Associate Minister of the Briensburg (KY) Church of Christ