The best Authority

A friend of mine who had grown in grace and true Christian experience,

amidst hard church opposition, has had, for several years, a fine Bible class of

young women. It is in a worldly church, and her teaching, under God, has

been richly blessed.

     One Sunday, while she was teaching the lesson on the

second coming of Christ, the minister came into the room. In an angry voice

he interrupted the teacher and said: “You are well aware we do not believe

that doctrine in this church. Who gave you the authority to teach it here?”

Holding out her Bible toward the angry minister, and in quiet, yet clear voice,

the teacher said, “Here, sir, in God’s Word I find my authority.”

–Sunday School Times

     We shall be like him

Spurgeon received, one day, a copy of Andrew Bonar’s commentary on

Leviticus. Spurgeon was greatly blessed as he read it. He returned it to its

author with this request: “Dr. Bonar, please autograph this book, and paste

your picture on the title page. Then return it to me.” Bonar did as requested.

     Below the picture he wrote, “Dear Spurgeon: Here is the book with my

autograph and my photograph. If you had been willing to wait a short season

you could have had a better picture. When I see Christ, I shall be like Him.”

–W. B. Knight

     Prophets that do not cry

Two ministers, long friends, met one day after being apart for a time. They

discussed their churches; then began to talk on present-day events. Said one,

“I don’t preach on the Lord’s return at all; my congregation doesn’t like it. I

hear you have many against you for preaching it. I told you years ago there’s

no use setting people against you.“

      ”My friend,” said the other man, “by

God’s grace, I preach His whole Word, and thereby deliver my soul; and if

the Lord Jesus comes in my lifetime no one who is left behind will be able to

say (as many will, of some ministers) that I did not give out the truth and warn

them of what’s ahead. How about you?” –Sunday School Times