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DBR Notes: The BUY/HOLD Investment (Matt 6:19-33)

by Mike Sanders

Matthew categorizes investments as either “Treasures in Heaven” or “Treasures on Earth” (6:19-24).  Like most financial advisors, Matthew highlights characteristics of the categories.  He compares and contrasts.  Then he quotes Jesus for the recommendation.

     If I choose “Treasures on Earth,” Jesus said thieves and rust would be the only certainties. This plan offers no other assurances.  The pursuit of “His kingdom and His righteousness,” however, is an investment plan with an eternal return on investment.  It includes both the short term and long term returns that I really want (1 Cor 3:10-14).  This plan is fully insured (YHWH) and worry-free (Matt 6:34).  

     Here is Jesus' recommendation, “Seek first His kingdom and His righteousness . . . (6:33).”  “Treasures in Heaven” is a BUY/HOLD.  The plan includes a unique return on investment!  It promises a gain in ALL of the above (Matt 19:29; Mark 10:29f; Luke 18:29f; 1 Tim 4:8).  

     Now comes the due diligence.  Which is greater?  Is it my ability to get (earn, acquire, keep) or my Father’s ability to give?  In which can I be confident?  Whom shall I trust?  For me the answer is obvious.  Jesus explained that turning my eyes to kingdom concerns and His righteousness would turn on the lights for me (6:22-23).  It is the one step that illuminates and orders all of my other steps.  I’m in!


Mike Sanders is a retired Minister of the Gospel and a retired UPS Pilot.

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John 10:10