From Phyllis Mullins Facebook page. From my devotional this morning, Mark 4:35-41

I needed this today…. Possibly you do too!🙏❤️

Remember many of these disciples were seasoned fishermen, practically living their life on the water. This must have been some storm to scare them like that.

What did the disciples ask in v. 38? When you have difficulty, do you sometimes feel the same way?

What are some strategies to help us not to need to ask that question?

Don’t miss the amazing power of Jesus in v. 39. The disciples didn’t. What was their emotional response to what Jesus did in v. 41?

In v. 40 Jesus rebuked them. What connection did He make between fear and faith?

Notice that first they feared the storm but then they “were terrified” when they saw Jesus’ power to command nature! Too often we fear our circumstances instead of being rightfully fearful/in awe of the one who can change those circumstances in an instant.

How can you fear (in a good way) Jesus instead of fearing your circumstances?

Phyllis is a retired Christian School Music teacher and resides in Southern Indiana.