Traveling to a nearby town last week, I kept marveling at the spring wildflowers blooming alongside the highways.  Whether they were really flowers or just weeds was immaterial  I just enjoyed the show.  Isn’t it wonderful that spring always comes when it is needed most!

                My Douglas used to tell us that spring is God’s greeting card.  After the cold browns of winter, the bursts of color from ditches and medians seem to say that God has awakened the earth.  The colors of the flowers  are His way of saying hello to us.  They revive our spirits after the dark colors of winter.

                Every day, we can see the wonders of God about us, but it seems easier to recognize in the spring.  My big amaryllis bloomed today, just as it does every spring, without fail.  Year after year, the earth awakens and comes back to life after its winter sleep.  The flowers help us to stop moping around the house and to remember that God is here.

                To me, the seasons represent the most important event of all time.  Summer, fall, winter, and then spring, every year, are no accident.  It is God’s way of showing us the story of Jesus!  His birth, life, death, and then resurrection are told every year, over and over, by the seasons.

                Teachers know about the three R’s of education of Repetition, Repetition, Repetition.  That is our teaching tool.  I have noticed that God repeats Himself so we can finally understand and believe.  He shows us messages repeatedly until we stand in awe.

                With age, for me, has come peace and acceptance of life and its trials.  The struggles are the winters, but just as spring always comes, so also the solutions always come.  I am usually made stronger by them, acknowledging that God is in control and has all the answers, in His time. 

                My joy is renewed as I recall again the resurrection story.  So, with a heart full of pleasure, I greet spring once more and let its colors energize me to continue working in His vineyard.


Joyce Broyles is a Retired School Librarian and Student of the Bible and resides in Jennings, LA.