Reprint from April 2018

Mark 14:50; Matthew 26:56; 2 Peter 1:16; 1 John 1:1-3

     One of their own had betrayed them all by giving up their leader and then later taking his own life. Their leader, the one they believed was the Messiah, had been arrested and crucified like a common criminal. As they hid, they were terrified of being found and suffering the same fate. They were overwhelmed with disappointment, confusion, anxiety, and fear. He was supposed to lead them in a revolt against the Roman government and establish His kingdom! Now He is gone!

     Can we imagine being in their shoes?! Have we been in their shoes? Maybe not fearful of our lives, but overwhelmed with disappointment, confusion, anxiety, and fear because of a crisis with finances, a parent, a child, our spouse, our health, etc..

     His followers were in a very very dark place between His death and His resurrection. However, after seeing the risen Savior, their lives would never be the same. And so it should be with us who believe – truly believe – we should not live as we did before. We, like his followers before us, will falter and fail. However, we’ll live with a purposeful will to please Him and honor Him in all we do.

     This Easter season may our faith grow stronger and our relationship with Him grow closer! Let us each live like we’ve met the risen Savior! Be blessed!

–Robin Embry is a member of the Henryville Church of Christ, Henryville, IN.  He is Golf coach for both the boys and girls at Henryville High School and imparts Christian wisdom as he coaches golf.


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