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What Are Churches For?

by Highland Community Church Bulletin

From Highland Church Jan. 29, 2023  Bulletin


What are churches for?

What are churches for, but to make missionaries? What is education for, but

to train them? What is commerce for, but to carry them? What is money for,

but to send them? What is life itself for, but to fulfill the purpose of

missions–the enthroning of Jesus Christ in the hearts of men? –Dr. Augustus

  1. Strong

Wanted: Men

Ann Judson, pioneer to Burma, once wrote of the kind of missionaries they

needed. She said: “In encouraging young men to come out as missionaries,

do use the greatest caution. One wrong-headed, conscientiously obstinate

man would ruin us. Humble, quiet, persevering men, men of sound, sterling

talents, or decent accomplishments, and some natural aptitude to acquire a

language; men of an amiable, yielding temper, willing to take the lowest

place; to be the least of all; and the servants of all; men who enjoy much

closer religion–who live near God, and who are willing to suffer all things for

Christ’s sake without being proud of it–these are the men we need.”

–Missionary Digest

What missionaries have done

  1. Every book in the new Testament was written by a foreign missionary.
  2. Every letter in the New Testament that was written to an individual was

written to a convert of a foreign missionary.

  1. Every Epistle in the New Testament that was written to a church was

written to a foreign missionary church.

  1. The disciples were called Christians first in a foreign missionary


  1. Of the twelve apostles chosen by Jesus, every apostle except one became a


  1. The only one among the twelve apostles who did not become a missionary

became a traitor.

  1. The problems which arose in the early church were largely questions of

missionary procedure.

  1. According to the apostles, missionary service is the highest expression of

Christian life.

–Gospel Herald

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