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March 1923 News and Notes

by Compiled by Larry Miles

The best subscription business in seven years-that was Word and Work's record for January and February. All these years it's been clean, hasn't it, and it's going to stay clean-with a high teaching ministry. That's why Christian people like it.

O. B. Curtis, 3441 Fourteenth Ave., N. W., Washington, D. C., asks for names of brethren known to be living in reach of the church there.

From Dugger, Ind.: "Our meeting closed last night with a crowded house and 5 additions, making 87 in all. 54 baptized, 11 restored and 16 by membership from other churches-a glorious meeting."-Jno. Abrams.

 It was my privilege to be of some service in this "glorious meeting"; but the influence of Chas. Neal who lives and labors there, was by far the greatest human element. With a shining face-for he is happy in the Lord and a pure life back of what he says, he tells them, and the people take it from him. "Neal said it-it must be so."-E. L. Jorgenson.

Unless notified to the contrary we will send Quarterlies for April, May, and June to all who ordered for the first quarter. We find that Literature requests are usually intended as "standing orders," and if we wait to hear from schools each quarter, many of them will write too late.

Send in new orders now. From Horse Cave, Ky.: ''Renewed interest here. Attendance, Lord's Days and Prayer Meeting, excellent."-D. H. Friend.

From Blackwater, Mo.: '~The work here is more encouraging. - We are having an -interesting Bible class at Blackwater Thursday afternoons."-J. Scott Greer.

J. F. Smith, field man for The Living Message, of Harper, Kan., did good work and did good too, in Louisville on his recent visit. He is a good man, a good preacher, and, as an agent for high-grade Christian literature, a "live wire." Our friends, wherever he may find them, will do themselves and us a favor by receiving him and assisting him to their utmost. The combination rate on Living Message and Word and Work is 2.25.

From Morrilton, Ark.: "Arkansas Christian College is making a fine start this year. Brother Hinds is teaching the Bible in a safe and interesting manner. We shall be able to make expenses at least $60 less· next year and we look for a great session." -A. S. Croom.

From Franklin, Ky.: "Prospects are bright for 1923 with us. New life is seen in all departments of the work, and we have gone into the new year with new hope and zeal."-Willis H. Allen.

Jno. Abrams 'beat the Hoover club of 43, sendin1g us 46 names; but then Hoover made it 49-so there you are Uncle John!

 "May our Father bless the work you are carrying on" -such is the message of Brother R. Farley, from faraway New Zealand.

"May the Lord prosper Word and Work this year as never before." -Stanford Chambers.

 From Paragould, Ark.: "Our local ·school, Croft Academy, proves good."-R. N. Gardner. The Academy gives all grammar grades and two years of High School, besides Bible and Sight-singing.

Loose-leaf hooks and sheets, suitable for sermon note-books, University notes, etc., obtainable from The Word and Work office.

From Winchester, Ky.: "The Main Street Church started into the new year with lar.ge attendance at Bible School and morning services. 1922 averaged the best so far."-Claud Neal.

You are right in making a hard pull for Word and Work subscriptions. I think it can be greatly extended to the good of the cause. Wish it could double."- Don Carlos Janes. We are carrying on a systematic plan and the effort from the office to do that very thing this year-help us double it, everybody!

Brother Rutherford reports a number of additions to the Jacksonville church, adding: "The work is fine. Good meetings at the jail."

We know of only one typographical error in the new edition of "Great Songs of The Church." A certain word has "It" for "tl." We will pay well for any other errors found. See if you can find the "It.'' The third edition will soon be going to the press. The book is being rapidly accepted' as the standard hymnal, and in some districts, it is becoming the uniform song book.

From Carman, Man.: "We have a larger number in attendance here than we had last winter. Our students are pushing valuable lines of study. The work done in this school is a credit to the Church of Christ here, and we believe our Master is pleased. Two worthy young ladies were baptized last Lord's Day evening. One is a student in the School."--H. L. Richardson.

Palatka, Fla., Jan. 22.-"The church here recently conducted a meeting of one week's duration which was followed by a series of lectures, given by Brother Don Carlos Janes, in behalf of mission work. His lectures do much to lift the work done by the churches of Christ in the estimation of the people and to impress them with the way God planned for His people to do His work. They stimulate the missionary spirit, by taking us into the nations and homes of people who know nothing of the message of peace and love, so that we may see their great need of a Savior and realize more our obligation to take the gospel to them.

"We were ·glad to have Brother and Sister Janes with us; for their delight is in the work of the Lord to please Him. May the Lord use them profitably in the field of work, which they have chosen."-W. J. Johnson.

From Drumright, Okla.: ''The congregation, which was brought together in Drumright, in the past summer of 1922 by Brother L. W. Oliphant, is progressing nicely in the Lord's work. We are now meeting in the City Hall, but the land has been purchased and the brethren have begun work on the building."- Mrs. Paul C. Grady.

The Bible classes of the Portland Avenue Church are in their last six-week course. Isaiah is being studied in the Old Testament, I Peter in the New. The classes are exceedingly helpful, and the blessing of God is on the work.

 Last month we published something concerning the Tennessee Mountain Mission work carried on by Brother and Sister. A. T. Dickson, of Sneedville. Brother Dickson is now in a meeting at Forest Hill, preaching twice daily.

Washington, D. C., is among the churches ordering "Great Songs. of The Church" this month.


Submitted by Larry Miles

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