R. H. Boll’s meeting with Joseph Avenue church, Nashville, held in their splendid new brick building, was attended by large crowds, and fourteen were added to the congregation.

Stanford Chambers has returned to his work in New Orleans and the Louisiana field, after an exceedingly helpful season of labor with the Portland Avenue congregation. Louisville.

H. L. Olmstead has been in excellent meetings at Buechel, Ky., with nine additions, Fisherville, Ky., six baptized, and Winchester, Ky. We have no final report on the last meeting.

E. L. Jorgenson’s meeting at Eubank, Ky., was attended by large and interesting congregations. Over a hundred children, besides adults, attended the last day service. Among the number baptized was a deaf and dumb man who had been instructed privately by brother Jorgenson. He made the confession by reading on his fingers, before the audience, Acts 8:87: “I believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God.” Brother Jorgenson is now- in a meeting at Thorne’s, near Louisville, with four baptized.

Willis H. Allen conducted the meeting at Glendale. Ky. ‘‘Meeting progressing with increasing interest,” was the last word we have had from there.

Amite, La., Sept, l1: “Wife and I have arrived to labor for the Lord in every good word and work, in this mission field.” —F. L. Wheeler.

W. J. Brown held a very helpful meeting at East View, Ky., during last month.

Brother D. H. Jackson, of Fern Avenue church, Toronto, writes: “I am planning for a teaching ministry this fall, book by book through the New Testament. Audiences are good and we hope to see results soon.”

“Our School has started off well.”—J. Edward Boyd, Dasher Bible School.

From Jacksonville, Fla.: “We had fine services at the  church-house and at the jail Sept. 3. Three baptisms Sunday night, making five in the last two weeks.”—Η. N. Rutherford.

From Ross Point, Ky.: “The work here is moving along fairly well though not as well as we could wish. We request the prayers of all.”—G. B. Dasher.

From D. H. Friend: “Had splendid meeting with Salem congregation, near Cynthiana, Ky. Nineteen added by primary obedience, four otherwise.”

Look for the expiration notice under the front cover, if your time is out this month.

September orders for “Great Songs of The Church” totaled about seventeen hundred copies. Be sure to read the description of the new edition on cover page.

From Tell City, Ind.: “We had an all-day meeting here (Lily Dale Congregation) Sept. 10. After the afternoon service we went to the creek and baptized four young people. We have had fine interest in the meeting. A good preacher is greatly needed here. The harvest is ripe and none to gather.”—J. M. Hottel.

W. J. Johnson writes from Dowling Park, Fla., Sept. 14: “Our meeting at Day closed with one baptized. T was present at the opening exercises of Dasher Bible School at Dasher, Ga. The brethren are striving hard to make this school more efficient in its work each year, so that those who leave it year after year will he better prepared to cope with the world and will not be hindered in their efforts to reach that better place.”

From Mrs. Everett G. Wing, Albion, Me.: “The books,  ‘Great Songs of The Church,’ arrived just in time for our meetings, and we are all enjoying them very much. Every one seems to like them and the binding is so especially good too that I must mention it especially. We had Bro. R. G. Schell to hold a meeting for us of three weeks. In that short time he has wonderfully helped and strengthened us. There were three additions.”

“Twelve came forward during the meeting at Samoth, IL. Eleven to make the good confession and one to renew her standing with the Lord. Bible classes were taught in the afternoons of the week days. Several came out to take advantage of this opportunity for Bible study.”—Maurice Clymore.

Prom W. H. Cain, Houston, Tex.: (delayed report). “I closed a two-weeks’ meeting with the West Columbia, Texas, church. Sunday night, August 20th, twelve were baptized and two reclaimed. Considering that this is an oil town and practically a mission point, I feel gratified and thank God for such results.

“I held a meeting for them in October, 1921. When we started the meeting we did not know of but three members in the town, but before we closed we had gathered some twenty members together. None knew the others were there. From last October they have been meeting regularly, the writer preaching to them once a month. This year we reaped some of the fruit of the faithful workers of the past. year.  “I not only had the privilege of laboring in a good meeting, but incidentally, I picked up seven subscribers to the best Christian paper published. “The Lord willing I will begin a meeting with the brethren at Moore’s Grove in Montgomery county, Tex., Saturday evening, Aug. 26.”

From R. G. Schell, Toronto: “We had a very pleasant sojourn in New England. We arrived in Portland, July 21. and were taken to Westbrook by Bro. F. Stultz, in whose home we stayed for the next nine days. Meetings were held in Portland on Lord’s Day morning and evening and in Westbrook in the afternoon. On Monday in Westbrook, Tuesday in Portland, Wednesday and Thursday in Westbrook, Friday in Portland and Saturday we all went to ‘Long Island’ on the ferry to spend a pleasant day. The following day I spoke at Westbrook morning and afternoon and at Portland in evening.

“August the 3lst we left for Unity. The first week was spent in advertising and otherwise preparing for the meeting which started on the 6th. The farmers were haying during most of the three weeks of our meetings there. But in spite of the work we had good meetings. Three were baptized and the brethren greatly strengthened and encouraged—at least if expressions of the brethren themselves are any guide, they were.

I have never labored with a more appreciative body of people. I believe they are better for our visit. I know I am, it helped me.

“On Saturday afternoon we left in company with some brethren from Unity, for Portland. On Lord’s Day we had a mass meeting of the three congregations. This was the first in years that anything like it had occurred. It was a red letter day for the brethren there. Future work was discussed at a meeting called for that purpose in the afternoon.”

Purdin, Mo., Sept. 26: “The meeting here at Purdin, Mo., began last Saturday night with reasonably large crowds and is increasing in interest and attendance rapidly. It is reported the largest crowds in years. Brother Frank Grammer, of Mena, Ark., has charge of the song service and is certainly doing his part well. He is one of Israel’s sweetest singers and is one of the greatest co-workers in a meeting to be had anywhere. He has just closed one of the best and most successful singing: schools for the brethren at Shelby, Mo., that was ever held in this country. Any one needing the services of one of the very best and most successful song leaders and vocal music teachers can do no better than employ Brother Grammer.

“Our next meeting will be at Browning, Mo. We are expecting a great harvest in these meetings. Brethren pray for us and that there may be a great ingathering of souls.”—Chas. L. Speir