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Covenants: God’s Promises to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, etc.

by Jim Rowe

There is much confusion and disagreement today as to whether the Jews have a claim to the land they now possess, and some they do not currently possess. The Muslims claim that they have the right to the land since they are sons of Abraham through his son Ishmael. The following Biblical texts shown below are intended to show to whom God had given the land. (The sections made bold or underlined are done to identify the specific portions of relevant Scripture that address the subject.)

                                                    …….J.W. Rowe

God Promises to make Abraham a great nation:

God Promises to give the land to Abraham and his descendants:


God’s Promise was to Abraham’s own son, not that of a servant:


God restates the Promise of the land to Abraham and his descendants:


God clarifies that His promise is through Isaac, not Ishmael:


God confirms the promise to Isaac:


God confirms the promise to Jacob:


God re-confirms the promise to Jacob:


The promise is confirmed by Joseph to his sons:


Claims of Islam

Islam claims that they were promised the land of Canaan through Abraham’s son Ishmael. However; the Bible specifically states that the inheritance was to be to Isaac and his descendants. It is relevant to note that the claim of the Muslims does not originate until after AD 610. 

God’s Promise to gather Israel from the nations and to possess the land “again”!


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