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by Joyce Broyles

 After the death of my husband of 54 years who was also my best friend and favorite minister, I admit that I was lost without him.  I missed his teasing, caring, and especially his guidance.

   Praying daily for God's help, I drifted through the days, wondering what life was going to be like without Douglas.  I found myself wanting to be with the same people we had done things with for years.  My sister and my friend Loyce both loved to sew, so we kept meeting at the sewing room that the church leaders had provided for us.  That gave me good fellowship.

   My sister taught a weekly Bible class for ladies, so I continued digging in the scriptures with the class.  That gave me good incentive to spend more time with God.

   The minister of our congregation answered my questions, took time to advise concerning family issues, and even provided mechanical help and transportation when needed.  His wife continued to bring meals for months when she learned I didn't like to cook.  Together, they gave me attention and much needed and appreciated help.

   Other friends began calling to chat and to check on me.  Without asking outright, they sensed when I needed a good joke to make me laugh, or just a listening ear.  They gave me a cheerful heart.

   One friend is concerned about the spiritual position of family members, as I am.  Together, we pray for them and ask God to help us be good examples for them and others we meet daily.  This keeps me focused on what is important.

   These people were God-sent.  I believe they were answers to my prayers for help.  They have aided me for three years now, and I realize that they have helped me find a purpose again.

   I know that if I do not get up and get to the sewing room by 9:00 A.M., Loyce will call me and want to know why I am not there.

   I know that if I have a question about scripture, my sister or my minister will take time to explain, research, or study with me.

   I know that each week, our sewing group makes garments and quilts that are sent to orphans in Haiti and Tanzania or local missions.

   I know that with others agreeing with me, the Holy Spirit will convict and guide in the spiritual needs of our families and friends and our own.

   All of this gives me a purpose again.  I believe that God can continue to use my talents and treasures so long as I give Him my time and efforts.  Once again, in spite of the loss I feel every day, I can get up with a smile, thank God for His protection and providence, and for giving me a purpose to continue each day until He calls me home.



Joyce Smith Broyles

May 27, 2022


  1. Linda Morrow says:

    You are one of the most giving people I know.

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