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December 1921 News and Notes

by Compiled By Larry Miles

     From Don Carlos Janes, Tokyo: “We are able to say that more than thirty have been obedient to the Lord so far this year. Two days have been given over to special meetings (three sessions daily) in which thirty or more who are preachers, elders, teachers—workers in some capacity—were in attendance. Much zeal for speaking was manifest. The house for Brother Bixler in the country is going forward.”

     Brethren: On October 1, our good Brother Janes, although paying all traveling expenses out of personal funds, had received while on the mission field, $138.66 Less than living expenses. Shall we not quickly make this up to him? Gifts should be sent to W. T. Micou, 1076 Everett Ave., Louisville, Ky.

     From Dasher Bible School: “We are having a splendid school. Our enrollment has reached ninety-six. One hundred was our goal. We have two fine young men that are preaching. Students are still coming.”  Earl C. Smith.

     A. C. Reader, 2538 Bank Street, Louisville, Ky., is now giving his time to evangelistic work, and the Lord has wonderfully blessed his labors through the past season. Following is a report of his last meeting: “We had quite a good meeting at Bryantsville, Ind., to the glory of God. Twelve came up the last night and were straightway baptized, making thirty-one baptized and over twenty restored and from other sources. D. W. Sherwood and Douglas Purlee are elders with this church who gave much of their time and effort toward the meeting. The Lord manifested his mighty power and men and women were converted to Christ.”

     The Word and Work contemplates adding a 5c Junior Quarterly to its Bible class literature. Our decision will depend entirely upon the demand for the first quarter of 1922. Write immediately if interested.

     From Toronto: ‘‘May I have your prayers for the work I am starting in Lockport, N. Y. This will be the first time any of our brethren have preached in that city.” R. G. Schell.

     “Meeting at Madison, Ala., turned out well. We had eight baptisms and a dead church revived. They had not met regularly for some two or three years. Brother W. G. Klingman did fine work as song leader.” Η. N. Rutherford.

     The Bound Volume of Word and Work for 1921 will be ready soon, price $1.50. 400 pages. Bound in cloth and fully indexed. We have never had enough to supply the demand. Order quickly.

     A friend has reprinted a quantity of Brother Boll’s article, “Why Grumble”—8 small pages, 5c each; 30c the dozen.

     “Great Songs of the Church” has practically run through its first edition. Be sure to read the proposition on last cover page.

     Any standard magazine or paper, religious or secular, may be ordered through this office. We will supply anything you want and, if not listed here, will bill you at the regular rate. Youth’s Companion, $2.50; Christian Herald, $2.00; King’s Business, $1.00; Moody Monthly, $2.00; Etude, $2.00; Modern Priscilla, $2.00; Pictorial Review, $2.50; Delineator, $2.50; Woman’s Home Companion, $2.00; Ladies’ Home Journal, $1.50; Pathfinder, $1.00; Scientific American, $4.00; Ohio Farmer, $1.00: Saturday Evening Post, $2.00.

     Select holiday gift books from advertisements in this paper. We discriminate and list only worth-while books. Any kind of Bible or Testament furnished.

     The Portland Ave., Bible Classes for this season opened as scheduled, with record attendance.

From H. L. Olmstead, Franklin, Ky.: “I spent ten days with Lily Dale congregation in Spencer County, Ind. There were three baptisms, and excellent audiences heard the message each night. I am sure that permanent good was accomplished in the way of giving the congregation a larger vision of their privileges and in helping them to stand on ‘higher ground.’ I go over Lord’s Day to Westmoreland, Tenn., to assist the brethren there in getting their new building project under way. My next meeting will be with the new congregation at Fifth and M. Sts., Louisville, beginning the fourth Lord’s day in November, Lord willing. As I am giving my full time to evangelistic work, churches desiring my services during 1922 will confer a favor by writing me in time to arrange my schedule of meetings around the first of the year.”

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