Our running mate

In 1992, the Summer Olympic Games were held in Barcelona, Spain. One of

the runners in the 400-meter race was an English athlete named Derek

Redmond. He had trained for years to compete in the Olympics. But while

sprinting in a qualifying heat, he suddenly pulled a hamstring and crumpled to

the track in pain. Determined to go on, Derek struggled to his feet. He was

hobbling toward the finish line when his father scaled the retaining wall and

jumped onto the track. Before anyone could stop him, Jim Redmond reached

his son. The young runner leaned on his father’s shoulder as he staggered to

complete the race. The entire crowd stood and cheered the two men on.

When they crossed the finish line, it was as if the runner, his father, and the

spectators had done it together. It takes all of our spiritual stamina to

complete the course of life, but we don’t run the course alone. Christ,

Himself, runs with us. –Haddon W. Robinson

    Let Christ clasp our hands

Know that Christ is the Lord of all your mind, your spirit, your body. Let

Christ’s teachings live in your heart, making you rich in true wisdom. Put

everything in His hands. The first time a cowboy heard the story of Jesus

riding on an unbroken colt, he explained, “What wonderful hands He must

have had!” Consider the hands of Christ: artist’s hands that created all the

beauty of this world; love-pierced hands of the kindest Friend that man ever

had; hands that are aching to take our own and guide us in ways that are good

for us; skillful hands, worthy of our trust and love. Let us let Him clasp our

hands a little tighter, and trust Him a little more than ever before–that our

paths may be straighter and gladder than in the past. Let us make more time

for prayer, so that we increase the pressure of that hand on ours. –Corrie ten


    When we are tired and spent

A young, discouraged artist fell asleep beside the picture that he was trying to

complete. His master quietly entered the room, and, bending over the

sleeping pupil, placed on the canvas, with his own skillful hand, the beauty

that the painting lacked. When we, tired and spent, lay down the work done

in our own strength, our own great Master will make perfect our picture. He

will remove every stain, every blemish, and every failure from our service.

He will add the brightest luster to our service, and He will give us the highest

honor for our work. –Corrie ten Boom