Under date of July 1, Harry Fox writes from Tokyo: “Good number of baptisms this month. All workers are well.”

   From. J. Scott Greer: “Meeting at Ash’s Creek, Ky., closed with eight baptisms, five for membership, and eight confessions of wrong, making in all twenty-one to come forward.” Brother Greer is now’ engaged in meetings near McMinnville, Tenn., at West Riverside and Banner.

     We can still supply the Word and Work Lesson Quarterly for the current quarter. They cost 5c each. The Lesson Picture Cards for primary pupils advanced to 4c each set, per quarter, sometime ago.

     On July 15, C. C. Merritt wrote: “Lord willing, I shall start for Minneapolis on the 20th for a meeting there. Pray earnestly for this effort.

” R. H. Boll’s commentary on the Hebrew Letter, 225 pages, $ 1.

       W. J. Johnson reports that the congregation at Laranger, La., has taken its stand for the simple, New Testament way of work and worship, and requests prayer for these brethren. Bro. Johnson closed evangelistic services there on July 14. One was restored and four baptized.

     Η. N. Rutherford’s meeting with the Fisherville church near Louisville closed with fourteen additions to the congregation, nine of whom were baptized.

     Maurice Clymore writes from Totz, Ky.: “Will begin a meeting at Ross Point, Ky., July 18. There is a small congregation at that place. Continue to pray for us.” Brother Clymore recently conducted a two weeks’ Bible study with the new congregation at Totz. Such Bible studies, following protracted meetings, would certainly tend to establish new converts, and prevent the loss of much work.

     The Portland Avenue church, Louisville, is conducting a tent meeting on Bank Street at Thirty-third.

     Maston Sitman, of New Orleans, is assisting W. J. Johnson in a meeting at Amite, La.

     In a circular letter dated June 15, Don Carlos Janes says: “More than twenty baptisms here this year; three expected Sunday. Pray for us who are here, and that God may send more workers into this needy harvest. Send us a bit of church news when you write.” A later report puts the number of baptisms at thirty.

     From Forest Hill, La.: “Four confessed Christ in a four days’ meeting in a country schoolhouse last week. I return there today. My going there is due to some good work done by Brother Sitman sometime ago.”—A. K. Ramsey.

E. L. Jorgenson is engaged in meetings at Glencoe, Ky., and Berea (near Gallatin), Tenn., for August. “Great Songs of the Church” has already received the unsolicited, unqualified, uniform approval of leading song leaders. Read what they say on page 224 of the July Word and Work; and then read on page 256 of this paper another list of commendations.

     “I have a tobacco cure that I want every tobacco user to try. It is composed of harmless roots that will cure the habit of chewing, smoking, or using snuff, and stop all desire for tobacco in any form. If you want to stop the expensive and filthy habit, send me your name and address on a postal card.”— Loomis 0. Hinton, Spencer, Indiana. (Advertisement.)

     This office has on hand 100 unused copies “Familiar Songs of the Gospel” No. 1. The lot may be had for $12. The collection consists of 83 old songs, suitable for tent meetings or temporary use.

     One admirer of “Great Songs of The Church” sent the names of the song leaders in fourteen congregations. This helps us greatly in getting the book before the churches. Will others help in this easy way?

     A good map of Paul’s journeys is almost indispensible to the best teaching of the Lord’s Day Lessons for the rest of this year. Ask for Eiler’s, price $2.00 postpaid. Conybeare and Howson’s “Life and Epistles of Paul,” price $2.50, is ably and delightfully written and will also aid the teacher greatly.

     From Minneapolis: “The meeting at Glenora was a great success in many ways in spite of the lack of interest with ‘those without.’ There were no additions to the church, but all the brethren were encouraged.

     “C. C. Merritt is to begin the tent work here July 24. We are going to make the best effort for a successful meeting.

With the experience that Bro. Merritt has had in mission work, I am sure he is the man for the place.”J. M. Hottell.

D. L. Cooper, of Abilene, Texas, is engaged in a good meeting at Waterford, Ky., where A. C. Reader labors regularly. Twenty were baptized the first week.

    From Mackville, K y.: “Good crowds, fine spirit, and four added in the meeting here.” H. L. Olmstead.

     Lake Park, Ga., July 22: “The meeting at Manchester, Ga., continued two weeks with splendid interest. There were fourteen additions, making a congregation of about forty to begin the work.

     “At Moultrie, Ga., where for some time a few disciples have been meeting regularly for worship, four were added. Earl C. Smith is in an interesting meeting at Dasher.”— Claus and Boyd.

      Stanford Chambers is engaged in meetings in Indiana— Berea, near Sullivan, and Spencer.