The SCEC Corporation held the annual meeting on Saturday morning, July 24th. If you are not familiar with this group, here is some information. When Southeastern Christian College in Winchester, KY closed in 1979,  the current board met and formed the Southeastern Christian Education Corporation.  (If you value Christian Education you may apply to become a corporation member without having had any connection to KBC, SCC, or SBS.)  The funds from the sale of the property to the City of Winchester were first used to pay the salaries still owed to the teachers. The funds  are now dedicated to giving grants to Christian young people, who apply, that are attending Christian Colleges and Universities.  Hundreds of grants and thousands of dollars have been given out in the years since it was formed.  Worthy Christian endeavors may also apply for grants from SCEC. 

     We are so glad to see some younger folks joining the Corporation.  If you would like more information about SCEC and/or  how to donate,  here  is the address. The office of the corporation is now located in Harrodsburg, Kentucky. The address is “Southeastern Christian Education Corp. (SCEC), 476 Sparrow Lane , Harrodsburg , KY 40330”

SCEC was founded with the following objectives in mind:

– To promote Christian education and the training of men and women for Christian service.  – To provide grants and scholarships for qualified students who are seeking a Christian education.  – Through wise investments, to provide monies for the attainment of these objectives.

         Bro. R. H. Boll, well known and longtime Church of Christ minister and Educator, was editor of the Word & Work from 1916 to 1956.  He had an extensive library and wrote several books.  The many Theological books of Bro. Boll’s now reside in a library at the Allensville Church of Christ.  Robert Heid, Justin Adams and Todd Gill were instrumental in housing the books at Allensville. The many, many books now reside on shelves that cover every wall in the room in which they reside and are now accessible to all. The library is now known as  ‘The R. H. Boll Library’. Included are a table, two chairs, and a picture of Bro. Boll.  Justin Adams and Byron Travis (both preach at Allensville) do a video lesson from there frequently and the videos are posted on the Allensville Church of Christ Facebook page.  In the video can be seen just a few of the many books and the picture of Bro. Boll.

       The libraries of Kentucky Bible College that later became Southeastern Christian College, and the library of The School of Biblical Studies, have now been combined and are housed in a  newly renovated library room at Cherry St. Church of Christ in New Albany, IN.  We commend those of the younger generation that put in a lot of hard work to make this a reality.  Funds from SCEC were provided for supplies and materials to enable this to be accomplished.  Those that did the extensive work did it as a labor of love.  If you live in the So. IN or Louisville, KY area, it is worth it to see what was accomplished in this endeavor and now the books are accessible to all.

      Buford Smith, retired minister of the Dugger Church of Christ in Dugger, Indiana, has written an interesting book about his life,  “Call me Buf”: The Life of James Buford Smith – From Cajun Sharecropper to Indiana PreacherThe book is an enjoyable read and is available on Amazon in paperback book form or Kindle.  Below is the link to it on Amazon Smile.  If you do not use Amazon Smile, you should.  You can sign up for a donation to a church or charity of your choice and every time you purchase on it generates a donation and it is distributed to your charity selection by check or direct deposit on a quarterly basis.  You can also find the book on regular Amazon.

(I can now attest to the enjoyment of this book, having read  it. Skn) I also agree (Larry Miles Co-Editor)

I can now attest to the enjoyment of this book, having read it. Skn)

     Kentucky-Indiana Area 5th Sunday Sing Dates : August 29th at LaGrange at 6 pm and October 31st at Sellersburg at 6:30 pm.

     The Kentucky/Indiana Christian Fellowship was held from July 19th to July 22nd, 2021 at Sellersburg Church of Christ in Sellersburg, IN. The theme was “Minor Prophets – Modern Times”.   It was well attended and the messages delivered by the speakers were well prepared and were uplifting and encouraging and helpful for the times in which we live.  The Woodland Music Camp singers were a delight to the ears and the work of the leaders and the campers brought us a wonderful program in song. Thank you to the ladies that prepared the good lunches.

Woodland Bible Camp News

Woodland Family Weekend   Aug 20 – 22 (Fri 6 pm to Sun 1 pm)

Fall Retreat  Sept 10 – 12 (Fri 6 pm to Sun 1 pm)

     Woodland Bible Camp Senior Citizens Week is on schedule for Sept. 13 – 17. The Theme is: “Between Heaven and Earth”.  We hope to see a good number of good  friends and enjoy sweet Christian fellowship, singing praises, and hearing messages from God’s Word for a few days.  Also included are all 3 meals and they are quite good.

     Annual Meeting Sept. 14, Tuesday 6 pm (during Senior Citizens Week)

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