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A Politicians Apology to the Nation

by Roy Platt

A Politicians TV apology to the nation: 

   My fellow Americans.  I, with my fellow colleagues from both parties, come to you today  humbled by the present circumstances of our country.  We, your elected officials, have not been wise over the past few decades.  Our constant short term attention to our re-elections has blinded us to our nations best long term interests.  We are sick in many areas. 

   Morality in the most general sense of honesty, integrity, and hard work,  has long been compromised by a vast number of our nation.  Right from wrong used to have been a value, but today, it is the situational ethic used to achieve a selfish result.  We, your elected officials, have not led you by example.  We take full responsibility for our contributing to this downfall and I apologize to you, and to past and future generations, for the continuing ramifications and unintended consequences this particular lacking has, and will, bring us. 

    We took your money through ever-increasing taxation and took your possessions when you couldn’t pay.  We grew your government into a monster of take.  We thought there was no limit on all the ‘good’ we could do.  We gave food to the negligent, benefits to the illegal, paid the lazy.   As a result of this, our nation is over 26 trillion dollars in un-repayable debt.  While you have suffered from sagging paychecks we, your leaders, have voted your money to fund our yearly raises, perks, and benefits while you suffered under record unemployment, deficits, and debt.  We have acted selfishly, foolishly, greedily, and  lived without impathy for what our actions and votes have caused you in unemployment, homelessness, and paralyzed education.  We are far, far, far down this road and there are no U-turns.  How deeply sorry I am for that.  I grieve nightly, with tears, for what has been done to you in the name of us ‘knowing better’ than you.

    I, and your representatives, want to tell you with our utmost honesty,  that we are sorry and we apologize for not leading with moral honesty as God has shown us.  We repent of our self serving, narrow minded governance by trying to please everybody, to please our party, and to create a constituency of need rather than citizen contributors to the overall betterment of society.  So, we now renounce any further influences that will tempt us to govern from motives of plot, manipulation, and contrivance.  We will, from now on, listen, learn, assess, communicate, pray, lead, and wear our new laws first before we make it your cross to bear. 

   Government with my help, along with those standing with me, and those who have led before me, have turned our backs on the nations best solutions…its people, its churches, and our God.

  In the end we will all need to sacrifice for the good of the continuing existence of our beloved nation.  People will be reclassified in our nation.  Instead of Democrats and Republicans, or the ‘haves’ and the ‘have nots’,  people will be noted as those who are ‘helpers’ and those who are’help nots’— those who prayed and those who did not.  We, your elected representatives, humbly ask for your forgiveness and ask that you pray for us as we re-navigate our nation.  Your righteous prayers, and our righteous God, will lead us down a righteous path to a righteous end.  Your prayers will bend God’s hand of mercy toward us. 

  May God bless you, and may God bless these United States of America.  


        Roy Platt is Minister of the Jennings Church of Christ, Jennings, LA.

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2 Corinthians 12:10