Dale Jorgenson

MARCH 20, 1926 – APRIL 28, 2021

Dale Jorgenson was born on March 20, 1926 and passed away on April 28, 2021 and is under the care of The Runge Mortuary and Crematory 838 East Kimberly Road, Davenport, Iowa 52807


A tribute from his daughter, Rebekah Jorgenson Stringert:

      There’s a gaping hole in my heart today filled with pain. God’s Light and Hope surround it, though, even at its worst.

     A unique, beloved man of many talents, gifts, and diverse interests –my father– in many ways a prototype for the Greatest Generation, and a Renaissance man, went home to be with the Lord a few minutes after midnight last night…ironically, on Mother’s 94th birthday, April 28th.

Equal to mine and our family’s grief is our overwhelming gratitude to God for the gift of his long, rich life of 95 years.

     The unchallenged cornerstone and touchstone of Dad’s life and his complete motivation — more than all the musicology, art, history, philosophy (often studied in language of origin), the great music he loved, shared, and performed with so many over the years; more than his crazy passion for fast cars and John Deere tractors, (ok, any kind of beautiful machine -or, more still than his love for his students and the joy of sharing in their inquiry, imaginative interests and developing talents, questions of life—or.. than his deep appreciation for, and love of beauty, great literature by the truckloads,, and his never-waning passion for travel and learning. …was his far deeper, constant, trusting faith in, as well as the fullest assurance of the objective Truth of God’s nature, character, and promises revealed in His Word, which he studied fervently, and fed on voraciously throughout his life to the last day.

     His love for God, (“who first loved us”) as the essential fountainhead of all life gave him the resources for an amazing, devoted love for my mother which is legendary- a love together that would span 74 yrs next month. The last words I heard him say coherently were to his beloved wife, lover, partner, best friend, co-researcher, editor, mother of his five children. No movie script, play, or novel could ever come close.

I know Dad prayed with– and prayed for, taught, championed, mentored, counseled, baptized and/or married or buried many of you and your loved ones. Rest assured he continued to hold you close in heart, thoughts and prayer to his final breath. After God and family, Dad’s life devotion was in caring for, sharing with, and ministering to others. He ministered, preached, and taught all the yrs. of my life, and continued that after he and Mother resided in their care home. He even managed to do “zoom” studies within and without the state through Covid, while they couldn’t see folks, ever adaptive at 95.

     Thank you for your love, deep and precious friendships spanning this entire country and far beyond, and your continuing prayers for our family. They are tenderly sustaining us as we make plans to go forward in Christ’s Immortal and Perfect Love.