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God’s Purpose For the Husband

by Submitted by Danny Broussard

(Copied from Danny Broussard’s FB page)

Note: From Danny Broussard  This, without a doubt, is one of the best articles written on God’s purpose for the husband and head of the house. Borrowed from Bro. Joey Dugas. Thank you Joey. See you there

     I write this not only to the unsaved but to the Christian home as well. The role of the husband & father is to be much more than one who provides income for the home. His number one priority is to make sure he is teaching his family correct Doctrinal Truth of God’s Word & making sure they all make Jesus Christ their Lord & Savior. These are the most important things he is to do.

     Furthermore, he is to be a watchman over his family, making sure that no false doctrine creeps in. If he messes up on these things, then himself & his whole family could end up spending eternity in the Lake of Fire.

     Sadly too many husbands these days are giving up this role to their wives, that is, if the wife will take up the role. Here lately I have been seeing far too many Christian women getting involved with false preachers & false doctrine to not speak up. Many of these families I know, & I asked the Lord, where are the husbands???

     I found that the husbands are busy hunting, fishing, golfing, keeping up with sports & any of the other numerous things a man will make an idol in his life, & they are not concerned in the least about their family’s spiritual welfare. This is a sad tragedy…

     Husbands, it’s time to wake up. What will it profit if you have a successful life with much pleasure in all of your hobbies but lose your soul & the souls of your family? What will you say to the Lord on Judgement Day? Well, I lived a good life, I was good to my wife & kids, & I provided a good living for them?

     If you did all those things but did not give them the important things like getting them rooted and grounded in the Truth of God’s Word, & making sure they made Jesus Christ their Lord & Savior, then the truth is you weren’t really good to them at all, for you never really taught them the true meaning of life…


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  1. D Mcgee says:

    Outstanding article. A number of years ago I got into some rather warm water after saying something similar. All I said was that a dad who literally out does himself in his effort to insure his 16 year old son knows far more about the NFL draft than the blood atonement was doing his son a great disservice; that it is not an either/or situation, but rather it is wrong emphasis situation.

    A couple of fathers began looking around for a 5 gallon bucket of tar and a flour sack full of chicken feathers.

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