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A Study Of Heaven (Continued)

by Jim Rowe

(Session 3)

The Activities of Heaven


The Judgment Seat of Christ (vs) The Great White Throne Judgment

The Judgment Seat of Christ:

Each of us will stand before the Judgment Seat of Christ (the Bema Seat).

In context, it is clear that both passages refer to Christians, not unbelievers. The judgment seat of Christ, therefore, involves believers giving an account of their lives to Christ.
The judgment seat of Christ does not determine salvation; that was determined by Christ’s sacrifice on our behalf.  All of our sins are forgiven, and we will never be condemned for them:

We should not look at the judgment seat of Christ as God judging our sins, but rather as God rewarding us for our lives. Yes, as the Bible says, we will have to give an account of ourselves. Part of this is surely answering for the sins we committed, however, that is not going to be the primary focus of the judgment seat of Christ.

At the judgment seat of Christ, believers are rewarded based on how faithfully they served Christ

 The various crowns are described in:

The Great White Throne Judgment:

The great white throne judgment is the final judgment for the lost:


First; immediately after death to the “Third Heaven” (Where God & Jesus reside)

Second; When Jesus returns to earth, Christians will return with him to earth. (1 Thes. 4:13-18)

Third; The “new heaven” (the fourth heaven) will come down to a “new earth” and we will reside there for eternity with God & Jesus.

Our Anticipation:

The Redeemed are going to dwell forever in new bodies on a new earth in a New Jerusalem in the presence of Almighty God and His Son, Jesus.

This New Heaven will come to a Restored Earth!


James Rowe is currently a member of the Hikes Point Christian Church in Louisville and serves on the Board of Directors of the Southeastern Christian Education Corp.


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