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Modesty: An Appeal from One Christian Young Woman to Her Fellow Sisters in Christ

by Legacy of Faith Website

     If people in history could have looked to the present time and seen the outfits that some people wear, they would have fainted. For a long time around the world, girls rarely wore skirts, so the fact that we wear pants would be hard for them to believe. Wearing pants is not wrong, but this just shows how much things have changed over the years and centuries.

     Changing from dresses to skirts to pants is one thing, but as time goes on, it gets harder and harder to find modest things for young Christian ladies to wear. Trust me…I am one!

     As Christian young ladies, we should strive to help the young Christian men and, really, all men in the world (Christian and non-Christian alike) control their lust. It is hard for young men to control themselves sometimes, and sometimes young women don’t help. For example, wearing shorts that are tight and extremely short? I’m sorry girls, but as comfortable as they might be, what they show off weakens the mind and clouds up the emotions of Christian and non-Christian young men.

     Here are some ways we have tried–or thought about trying–to help when it has been difficult to find modest clothes, especially shorts. First, if you can’t find shorts that are long enough, then you may check the boys’ shorts section. That may sound weird, but I have done it before. If you’re not comfortable with that, then here’s another idea: go buy jeans that are not too tight–kind of loose in the legs–and cut them to the length you would want. And if you want to sew up the edges, but don’t know how, and need some help, then go ask an older lady at church. They will jump at the chance to help, and it will put a smile on their face that you took the time to ask them for help.

     Another example of immodest clothing that is often worn is the “sports’ bra.” Simply put, do the men of this world and their minds a big favor and put on a shirt! And I do NOT mean a skin-tight tank top; I mean a T-shirt (at least). And one more thing, if you wear a tank top, it should be because the shirt comes too low in the neck, or is see-through.

     While it is very easy to talk about the man’s side of it, the woman’s point of view is just as important. Have you ever had the feeling that people were staring at you because of what you were wearing? Well, if you are a woman (or young woman), you have! I know what that’s like. 

     Let me admit: it can be very hard sometimes to not be that person who just just points and stares at what other people are wearing and think, if I tried to leave the house wearing that I probably would not leave my room at all! Like I said earlier, it might be more comfortable and it might be easy to find clothes that show off. In the end, though, it shows that you are not respecting the purity of yourself or those around you. 

     By being modest you not only help keep yourself safe from sexual sins but you also make yourself more special for your future husband. It is hard not to form thoughts about people when you see their dress and actions, as well as when you hear the way they talk. And being Christian young ladies we need to make sure that we keep ourselves in a manner that we are not seen as the woman of this world but as women who are faithful to Jesus Christ. 

     In the end, be loyal to Christ above all, and help the men and young men around you by being modest in what you choose to wear.


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Modesty: An Appeal From One Christian Young Woman to Her Fellow Sisters in Christ | (faughnfamily.com)

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