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November 2020 News and Notes

by Compiled by Sandra Naugle

Thanksgiving Service Due to Covid the Annual Louisville Area Church of Christ Thanksgiving Service will not be held in November.


A MORE RECENT UPDATE: It was discovered that the Hurricane Laura damage to the
Tabernacle is so extensive that it will have to be professionally rebuilt. There are volunteers
doing as much repair work as they are able, but this means that it will cost considerably more
to get the Tabernacle rebuilt. If you would like to contribute to this worthy cause, see below.
For more information see the link at the bottom to the camp webpage.
Some reading this may be able to give generously even now as our Lord speaks to your
heart. Then, if you would, we humbly ask for your assistance in getting our beloved CYE back
up and running.  Such would not only bring great honor to our Lord but would also be an
unspeakable blessing to many yet unknown young people.
Duane Jolibois, President
Christian Youth Encampment, Inc
(225) 270-0508

PO BOX 411

Or see the link at the below camp website.
As seen in the October News & Notes: An Update on the cleanup work at Ingallwood.
Update: Many volunteers have been working at Ingallwood to clean up the mess. On Sept. 25 th a
professional tree service came in and worked 15 hours clearing many of the big logs from the roofs of the
buildings and from other areas. There is much damage to many of the camp buildings. Below is the website of
CYE where there is a link to the Hurricane damage - both before and after - and there is information on how
you may donate for the recovery. There is also a before and after walking tour video. You may need to scroll
down to see all of the info. www.cyeonline.com



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