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by Mark Jensen

(Reprint from a Facebook entry.)

But He said, ‘More than that, blessed are those who hear the word of God and keep it.’ Luke 11:28

     This is truth in its simplest form, there is no need for theological studies or great debates or arguing over its meaning. If you hear God's word, which is the truth and you keep God’s word, you will be blessed. 

     We can all open our bibles and read the words, or go to church and hear our Pastor preach God's word, but unless we actually listen and receive it, hear it and keep it, by applying the words to our own lives, we are just wasting time and being a pew potato.

     We need to get off our couches, get out of our houses and churches and share with the world the truth, which is God's word. There is a scripture in the Bible that reads, ‘My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.’ (Hosea 4:6)

     The Bible is not a history book or a coffee table book or a bedside table book, it is the true and living word of God. These words are just as much alive today as when they were spoken 2000+ years ago, they are just as relevant today as when they were written. We need to insure we are keeping to God's word and living our lives by His will and His purpose and we will be blessed. And we can and will be a blessing to others as our Father in Heaven blesses us when we share the truth with every person we know, family, friends, coworkers, every person who crosses our path.

     It is truly sad, the state of our Nation at this point and time. Because of man’s infinite wisdom it was thought that they could do better without God, so they removed Him from schools and have systematically tried removing Him from public places. So here we are now with domestic terrorists like Antifa and BLM running around freely. We have men and women in power (liberals) with zero godly values trying to destroy this nation while we have a President and Vice-President who have been trying to save this nation for the last four years. And we have pro athletes and singers and actors who disrespect this nation and all it was founded on and think their opinion matters. 

     We need to stop being passive Christians and go out and be bold and loud and if necessary, aggressive, with the word of God. Stop sitting on the fence or behind closed doors and join me in the fight to save this great nation.

God Bless.


Mark Jensen is minister of the West Side Community Church, Las Vegas, NM

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Philippians 4:13