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An Observation About Worshiping Online

by Adam Faughn

     As things have gone on for a long time, I have noticed something when I interact with people who are worshiping online (some for the entire pandemic, others for short stretches for various reasons, such as illness or surgery or caring for a loved one).

     Some have a tone (either in their voice or simply in the words they use) that makes it clear that they want to be in person. They say things like, "I can't wait to get back," or "I'm grateful for the livestream, but it's not the same."

     Others concern me, though. They say things like, "Well, we *just* watch online" or "We come on Sunday morning and then *just* join online on Sunday night."

     I certainly do not have the ability to read hearts or intentions, but if you are finding yourself using the word "just" a great deal to talk about attending online, may I suggest that worship should always be more than something you "just" do?

     (By the way, some of the most encouraging things I have been told since March are by people who ARE worshiping online only, because their desire to be back in person exudes in every message and there is no question where their heart it! So, this is not a "shot" at online worship at all...it is a call for all of us to think about worship at all times.)

     As hard as it is to join online week after week and service after service, let's all check our heart for worship. Is it something you "just" do, or is it something you LONG to do...and that you can't WAIT to do in person again?

     The answer to question may say a lot about your worship, not "just" during a pandemic, but at all times.


Adam Faughn is the preacher at Central Church of Christ in Paducah, KY


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Romans 14:8