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October 2020 News and Notes

by Compiled by Sandra Naugle

Sis. Joy Garrett

Many have asked about Sis. Garrett’s condition.  Below is from a September newsletter from Bro. Robert Garret.

     JOY GARRETT – UPDATE.  I had returned to Zimbabwe in March, On 19th June I received a phone call from my family informing me of what had happened to Joy. Brenda had taken her mother to Baptist East on June 17 because she was suffering severe chest pain. Heart attack was suspected, but electrocardiograms showed the heart was OK. X-rays and CT scans revealed an enormous mass closing of her esophagus and this was initially thought to be a fast growing cancer OR a very large hematoma. There was also large amounts of fluid in the lung cavities. They were able to remove the fluid but the doctors also said that the severity and location of that growth could not be removed by surgery, nor X-ray, nor Chemo. She was not expected to live.

     They managed to book me on flight for the 21st back to USA on Ethiopian Airways – the only airline serving Zimbabwe in the Covid lock down. I arrived in Louisville the 23rd. The various sedations and invasive procedures necessary to correct these things and open up her esophagus were hard on her 92 year old body. She was not able to eat for several days and slowly graduated to liquids and then pureed foods.

     Our four daughters all rallied round to help and took turns staying with their mother in the hospital day and night. Diagnostic tests did not show cancer, only “irregular” cells. That enormous mass blocking her esophagus was a hematoma (broken blood vessel). They could not positively rule out cancer: but on the other hand they could not positively say was cancer! so after two weeks in the hospital she was sent home, our daughters continued to help. Here at home she has slowly improved and is now able to walk with a walker – very slowly – to the bathroom and the kitchen.

     PRAISE GOD! Last week she went for a CT Scan and the results SHOWED NO SIGNS WHATSOEVER OF CANCER. Everything looks normal. We thank all of you dear brothers and sisters in Christ who have been praying for Joy. Please continue lifting Joy up to God’s throne of grace as she still has a long way to go to reach her former strength and mobility. The 20th of this month (Aug.) marks the 67th year of our wonderful years of marriage together. God has blessed beyond measure!  


The October 11th Sunday Afternoon Singing in Allensville, KY

has been cancelled due to Covid-19.

      The Sunday Afternoon Singing in Allensville, KY, at the Church of Christ that had been rescheduled to October 11th – now cancelled.  We had hoped that the Covid-19 requirements would be lifted or lessened by then but due to the current requirements we will not be able to hold the singing.  We sadly regret it and look forward to 2021.


           “GREAT SONGS OF THE CHURCH” WILL BE 100 in 2021

Next year is the 100 year anniversary of ‘the Blue Book’ as we usually call it. Although I believe the original, or at least the one from which I first sang, was a dark red or burgundy.  In this edition of Word & Work there is mention of it in the 100 year ago News & Notes and also an article by Bro. E.L. Jorgenson.



The camp is following the guidelines for the Covid-19 pandemic

There were some sessions held this year but several of the camp weeks and activities were cancelled due to Covid-19 rules.  We look forward to a full season of camp weeks in 2021.



We have had no word yet whether the annual Thanksgiving meeting held prior to Thanksgiving at Portland Christian School will be held.  We will have an update in the November W&W.




Many of us that enjoy the Word & Work website have either been campers or workers at some point in the past at Christian Youth Encampment near DeRidder, LA. Some families have more than one generation that was blessed to be at CYE.  Below is information about Ingallwood Park where CYE is held each year.  Hurricane Laura left significant damage at the camp.  Below is information from Duane Jolibois, President of CYE. Following is an update with a link to the website where there is a lot of information, including pictures/videos of the damage and information on how you may contribute to the clean-up.


Ingallwood Park


September 2020 Report

     Everyone is aware that Hurricane Laura left behind a wide swath of damage and destruction in S/W Louisiana during the closing days of August, and we would like for people to know that Christian Youth Encampment is right in the middle of that trail of destruction.  It could have been worse, so we are thankful to our Lord that a measure of the physical plant was spared.

     But we want you to also know that there are some things that take precedent over rebuilding what was destroyed and repairing what was damaged at our camp.

     We know that many people were affected by the storm.  Many lost their houses, vehicles, family valuables and some families lost loved ones.  Unfortunately, some of those same people had been out of work for a long time due to decisions made by authorities regarding the Wuhan virus, and some are now out of work due to the storm.  Add to that the high cost of hurricane deductibles associated with home-owners insurance and the bottom line is nothing less than staggering!  Among those experiencing this kind of setback are some members of our Board of Directors and some of our corporation’s member congregations.

     Some of us were not subject to the wrath of Laura, but we still flinch at our experiences during Katrina that hit many of us so hard almost 15 years ago to the day.

     The CYE Corporation’s member churches and its Board of Directors understand that family issues and personal property must be attended to first and foremost.  And we personally know that dealing with phone companies, insurance companies and government agencies not only takes a lot of time, but also that the useless red-tape so often involved can drive most anyone nearly to the point of frustration-induced insanity! 

     We want you to know that as important as CYE is to so many of us, the camp should and must take a position farther down everyone’s list of priorities.  No one should ever apologize for taking care of family first. 

     But at some point in the future – after our lives are back in some sustainable sense of order and our financial situation is off the bottom of the bank floor – maybe we could prayerfully consider what we can do to restore CYE to a viable state of order and function for our kids.  The Corporation and its Board are committed to whatever effort may be necessary because we so clearly witness year in and year out that this is not about us – it is about the present and eternal spiritual welfare of young souls. 

     Some reading this may have not been impacted by Hurricane Laura and perhaps you are able to give generously even now as our Lord speaks to your heart.  If that is the case, then we ask that you help those suffering families first.  Then, if you would, we humbly ask for your assistance in getting our beloved CYE back up and running.  Such would not only bring great honor to our Lord but would also be an unspeakable blessing to many yet unknown young people. 

Duane Jolibois, President

Christian Youth Encampment, Inc

(225) 270-0508


Below is an Update on the cleanup work at Ingallwood.

     Many volunteers have been working at Ingallwood to clean up the mess.  On Sept. 25th a professional tree service came in and worked 15 hours clearing many of the big logs from the roofs of the buildings and from other areas.  There is VERY SIGNIFICANT damage to many of the camp buildings.  Below is the website of CYE where there is a link to the Hurricane damage – both before pictures and after – and there is information on how you may donate toward the recovery.  There is also a before and after walking tour video. You may need to scroll down to see all of the info.  Please donate to this worthy work as the Lord directs your heart.




Sandra Naugle

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