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October 1920 News and Notes

by compiled by Larry Miles

If your time is out with this issue, you will find a notice convenient for renewing, under the front cover.

There were ten additions to the church in Lynnville, Tenn., during H. L. Olmstead’s recent meeting there.

A Shanks is to labor with the mission church at Monroe, Louisiana. Gifts for this home mission field should be sent to H,H. Scott. Brother Shanks intends to work with his hands as needed, but should be released to give himself “wholly to the work.”

From Harper College, Harper, Kansas: “We are full up, and getting fuller daily.

L. Daugherty was the evangelist in a very profitable meeting near Pulaski, Tennessee.

H. Hoover, Chattanooga. Tennessee, has just closed an interesting meeting at Buechel near Louisville. This is the congregation with which John T. Glenn labors regularly. Three were added by primary obedience.

Concerning the song book, everything points to the fulfillment of our original promise to deliver “sometime during 1920.” At this writing about sixty pages remain to be made. Cash advance orders are accepted at fifty cents each, in any quantity.

Earl C. Smith reports a good meeting held at Rowden, Texas, in which ten received the word and were baptized.

Word and Work Lesson Quarterlies for the last Quarter of 1920,” are ready. They cost five cents each. More have been ordered for this quarter than ever before. The little lesson picture cards now cost four cents each per quarter (thirteen cards.)

E. L. Jorgenson is in a meeting with his old home church in Nebraska.

Following his meeting in Campbellsville, Tennessee, the editor began a series of evangelistic meetings with the Joseph Avenue Church, Nashville.

Will our readers, who believe in a prayer-hearing God, remember the many meetings now in progress—that souls may be saved, God’s name glorified, and His church “knit together in love.”

Paul C. Young reports four adults baptized and added to the church in Minneapolis.

A K. Ramsey writes: “Delay of tent in transit and unfinished building, and the make-shift of a hall spoiled a good meeting at Amite, La. We were forced to close just as interest was getting  good, as others had right-of-way in the hall. Brethren, the building at Amite should be finished. Money is needed. Will you help?

The meeting at Glendale, Ky., starts off well. Willis H. Allen, of Jacksonville, is preaching. Brother Allen’s recent meeting at Franklin, Ky., added ten to the church by baptism.

This from C. C. McQuiddy, Forest Hill, La., is of special interest: “On the second Sunday in July I baptized into her Lord “Nora” the youngest of Brother Wade Whittington’s children, making the family circle complete in Christ. On the third Sunday in July I buried with his Lord in baptism a young Frenchman who made his confession after prayer meeting the Wednesday evening before. He was to be baptized at 5:30 P. M., but being overjoyed that he had found his Savior he wrote his Catholic parents to come to see him baptized. Upon receiving the news they got busy and Sunday morning called him to come right home, that his baby brother was not expected to live; not to be baptized; if he did, he would go “straight to hell.” Father, the priest, said so. The young man came directly to me and wished to know if I would baptize him right then. I, of course, told him “yes.” In a short while he had put on Christ and gone home rejoicing. When he reached home he found a large crowd assembled with the priest, all of them mourning and lamenting. Believing his brother dead, he quickly entered to find his brother better and the mourning on his own account. After refusing to curse the Church of the Lord (demand of the priest), his own brother actually had to be restrained from doing bodily violence to this young child of faith. Such as this is a frequent occurrence in the southern part of the State where Brother Hebert works. What are you doing to help him open the eyes of these blind, deluded people whom Christ loves? Can you stand before Him with a clear conscience, and say “I have done what I could?”

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