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September 1920 News and Notes 100 Years Ago

by Compiled by Larry Miles

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     From New Orleans: “Had some splendid meetings at Iota despite the rains, even floods. Brother Ben J. Elston spent two days with us and gave some good lessons as his custom is. I am to start for meetings at Berea and Ellis, Ind., soon if the Lord wills. Our aged Brother Funderburk reports growth in the work in his field. Brother Elston is a recent addition to the laborers in the Louisiana mission field. All things considered there is1 encouragement.” Yours in patient waiting for Him. —Stanford Chambers.

     From Η. N. Rutherford, Lynnville, Tenn.: “Just closed a fine meeting near Madison, Ala. Eighteen were moved to repentance, fourteen baptized. Our meeting at Cross Plains, Tenn., resulted in seven baptisms and one by relation. Brother Olmstead begins a series of meetings here at Lynnville next Monday night.”

     “The meeting closed at Cross Roads, Ind., with five additions and the brethren greatly encouraged. To God be the glory. Began at Lily Dale last evening with fine interest. We found the five young people baptized here last year still faithful and glad to see us back. One, Robert Miller, is leading the song service. What joy such steadfastness brings to an evangelist. Will go to Culleoka, Tenn., next.”—J. M. Hottel.

     Wm. Johnson writes of J. M. Hottel’s meeting at Glenora, Manitoba, in which there were eight conversions: In regard to Brother Hottel, “I think it would only be in place to say of him that he is as good a man as any that could be procured, and fills the place of an evangelist to perfection. I would like if you could insert in Word and Work our appreciation of him as true man of God.”

     “I left Indiana in April and went to Iowa, where I preached to a congregation for two months while working in Des Moines through the week. I arrived in Edenview, Colo., on the 10th of July to hold a meeting and be with the brethren here until Sept. 1. Last Lord’s Day night, one man was restored to the fellowship of the Church.”

     “I received the book, ‘Lessons on Hebrew,’ and like it so much; also ‘How to Understand and Apply the Bible.’ So excellent. Thanks.”—Daisy S. Oldham.

     From Minneapolis: “Our long-desired tent meeting with Clayton Gall, of Wichita, Kan., doing the preaching, began last night. Fine crowd. We expect great things. Le.t the friends and supporters of this work take courage. The tent is at Second Ave., South, and Fourteenth St.”—Paul C. Young.

     “On July 28 Brother A. Shanks came to us from Monroe, La., where he had been helping Brother A. K. Ramsey in a mission meeting. The results were fifteen to keep house for the Lord. Brother Shanks preached for us until August 1, laying a foundation of scriptural truths, upon which the writer builded until the following Sunday, August 8, with three by primary obedience, and one added from the Baptists, who claimed scriptural baptism.”—C. C. McQuiddy.

     An evangelist is to locate with the new church in Monroe, La., a city of 15,000 souls. Anyone desiring to help in evangelizing this city and community should write Η. H. Scott, 1904 Jackson St., Monroe, La. A number of regular monthly contributions are needed. Will you help?

     The number of Bible classes using Word and Work Lesson Quarterly increases continually. Our extra supply for the third quarter has been exhausted for some time. Due to continually advancing costs, we are obliged to charge 5c each for quarterlies, and 4c per set, (that is per quarter) for the Lesson Picture Cards, from now on. Order early for next quarter.

     From C. C. Merritt, Eaglesville, Mo.: “Good tent meeting here. All could not get into the tent Sunday night. I baptized four at Pleasanton, Iowa, last Sunday.”

     “Just closed a good meeting at Snow Creek. Eight baptized and one added to the congregation who had been baptized.”—W. J. Johnson.


  “The meeting at Lily Dale closed on Sunday night, Aug. 15. There were eighteen additions by primary obedience and one restored. Fine interest all the time. The rains interfered but little. I am now at Pilgrim’s Chapel for a few days. Begin next at Culleoka, Tenn., the Lord willing. Let us not be ashamed of the gospel. Rom. 1:11.”—J. M. Hottel.

  1. H. Boll has returned from a trip to Texas, during which he conducted protracted meeting with the much beloved little congregation at Celtic (some ten miles from Sherman) which congregation began its existence under Brother Boll’s ministry about eighteen years ago. There were fifteen baptisms. Brother Leonard Daugherty led the song service. During this time Bro. Boll and Bro. Daugherty each preached at Tom Bean once; and Bro. Boll preached once at the Peake and Main Street congregation, Dallas, Texas, where Brother J. E. Blansett labors; also, twice at New Orleans, where Brother Stanford Chambers is located. Their visits with these brethren were delightful and a common blessing to all.

     “Aug. 3, I closed a three-weeks’ revival near Rose Hill, Kan., which resulted in eighteen being buried with their Lord in immersion. This makes my fifth revival with that community in eight years, and a better fellowship and brotherliness I have never seen anywhere. The brethren feel in some respects this meeting was the best of the five, although not the most additions.”— Fred H. Hanger.

We know of a good stereopticon, equipped for gas or electricity for sale at a low price. If interested, ask this office.

     “I am just in from a meeting near Glasgow, Ky., and the Lord gave us victory. Twenty-one confessions, all of mature years.”—D. H. Friend.

     From Stanford Chambers: “I am now in interesting meetings with Ellis, Ind., congregation. Three young men have turned to the Lord to date. Due at Berea, Aug. 26, thence back to New Orleans. The visit of Brethren Boll and Daugherty there was greatly enjoyed and did much good.”

  1. E. Thornberry’s meeting with the Borden, Ind., church resulted in about thirty additions to the congregation, all told.

     From Rowden, Tex: · “I closed a good meeting at Files Valley, (Hill Co.,) Friday night. Nine were baptized and six renewed relation with God. I will hold a meeting there next summer, if God wills. We are praying for a great meeting here.”— Earl C. Smith.

     “Heaven and eternity will reveal to you the precious souls that are being led to Christ and strengthened by the publication of Word and Work. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you.”—Frank L. Wheeler.

     From Odessa, Mo.: “We liked Bro. Brother Greer well, and he preached the Word of God faithfully twice a day for twelve days. There were no additions, but the meeting closed with a full house and we think much good was done.”—Gordon Himes.

      “The work in Abilene, Texas, continues to grow. I just closed a very interesting meeting tonight with the North side congregation, in which eight were baptized and two restored. We also baptized two at the college chapel.” L. E. Carpenter.

     “From Reyno, Ark.: “I am in a great meeting here so far as interest goes. House would not accommodate the people. No baptisms to date.”—J. W. Dollison.

     From Jacksonville, Fla.: “I began a mission meeting at Palatka, Fla., on the night of July 25, which continued for sixteen days, and resulted in ten baptisms, one restored, and one added who claimed for himself scriptural baptism. A congregation of fifteen members, led by Brother P. G. Millen, has gone to work in earnest, and a great future is predicted for this little band. The meeting was held in a small schoolhouse near the town, and the brethren are using the same place for their meetings for the present. Bro. J. E. Boyd was with us a good part of the time, and his help in singing and his presence were a help and inspiration to the meeting.

     The work in Jacksonville is doing nicely. There have been four baptisms recently at our regular services, and the attendance has held up well during the summer months. I leave next week for a month’s work in Kentucky. Will begin at Franklin, Ky., on the 29th.”—Willis H. Allen.

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