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Bible Courses 1920-21 Reprint from 1920 September W&W 100 Years Ago

by R. H. Boll

The ninth year of the Bible Classes of the Portland Avenue Winter School begins on Tuesday, November 2, 1920. There will be three six-week courses of Bible Instruction.

The following portions of the Bible will be covered:

Old Testament’.

New Testament

     Classes meet every afternoon, 3 o’clock, except Saturday and Sunday. Old Testament and New Testament courses run side by side, meeting alternate days. There are always one or two weekly night Bible classes.

     In these Bible studies special attention is given to the spiritual and practical application of the lessons studied; topics are discussed and outlined; questions freely asked and answered. A great object in these classes is to draw near to God through His word. Therefore, the word is studied reverentially and much emphasis is placed upon prayer.

The Classes are absolutely free.

     The one endeavor in these classes is to obtain a knowledge and understanding of the word and will of God. Being only Christians, and free from all bondage of human creeds and theories, we have unhindered access to all that God has spoken. No weight or recognition is given to opinions or speculations of men; no special effort is made to “prove” or “disprove” anything. Our one purpose is to hear and learn from God, and to let God speak for Himself. None of the students are asked to agree with anybody’s conclusions, but the attention of all is directed to the only source of truth, the one and only authority, the Scriptures. No other text-book is used. No religious hobbies nor peculiar views and doctrines are inculcated; no undue predominance given to any line of Bible teaching. The word of God will be studied with simple, honest intent and purpose, so that our faith may not stand in the wisdom of men but in the power of God.


     The Portland Avenue church of Christ owns a good-sized building, electrically lighted, which is devoted to serve as a free dormitory for the young men attending the Bible-classes. It is understood that those who make use of the dormitory attend at least one set of the weekly Bible classes; that is, either the Old Testament or New Testament course of each term. Arrangement of the expenses of board have been greatly reduced. During last winter the expenses for board, fuel, lights, all told never exceeded $5 per week for each, and most of the time fell considerably below that figure. Those who wish rooms at the dormitory should inform us in time. They will need their own sheets, pillowslips, comforts, towels.


     We hope to be able to announce in next month’s Word and Work that arrangements have been perfected for instruction in English, Greek, and Sight-Singing for the special benefit and accommodation of those attending the Portland Avenue Bible Classes.


     The University of Louisville offers instruction free to all students who are preparing for the ministry. So does the Southern Baptist Seminary. The latter has especially good instruction in Greek and Hebrew. Quite a number of our students in the past have availed themselves of both these institutions. These open in the latter part of September (16 and 22). The dormitory will be ready for occupancy then.

-R. H. Boll (1875-1956) was Editor of Word and Work (1916-1956) and Minister of the. Portland Avenue Church of Christ (1904-1956)

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