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August 1920 News and Notes

by Compiled by Larry Miles

1920 August Word & Work.

100 Years Ago


     The Word a n d Work stops when the time is out, unless renewed. Look for the expiration notice under the front cover. And, by the way—you need not feel offended if you should happen to receive an expiration notice too soon. Such mistakes occur in all offices.

     Paul C. Young writes from Groveton, Tex.: “I closed at Fullerton, La., with only two additions. Heard much good of Brother Hebert, the French missionary, who had visited there. Began here yesterday. Good crowds.” Newspapers, including magazines like the Word and Work,. are obliged to pay still higher postage rates since July 1. Never before, perhaps, has it been so necessary for the friends of religious journalism to “stand by” the papers of the right kind. The Word and Work, especially appreciates that best kind of help, the kind that comes down from God through believing prayer.

      From A. K. Ramsey: “Put J. M. Mason down for one year beginning with July. He says: I must have that splendid paper. Olmstead’s June article is worth much. I want all he says on Galatians.”

     From 0. W. Gardner, Harper, Kan.: “Please make note of change of my address after August 1, from Harper, Kan., to Graton, Cal., where I go to assume charge of Pacific Christian Academy. Prospects are flattering for a fine Bible School on the Pacific coast at last. Pray for our work.”

      Evangelistic meetings in South Louisville resulted in the establishment of a church in that part of the city. The Portland and Highland congregations will continue to stand by the work.

     Brother Shanks writes from Monroe, La.: “Arrived here yesterday. Ramsey and I open tent meeting on court-house lot tonight. Fine prospects for church being established. Pray for us; lend a helping hand, if the Lord inclines the heart to do so.”

   “The meeting at Ripley, Tenn., where Η. I. Copeland labors successfully with the church, resulted in eight conversions and a new beginning of missionary activities. R. A. Zahn was a most valuable helper in both the singing and the preaching.”

E. L. Jorgenson. Brother Jorgenson is now in a meeting with H. L. Olmstead near Gallatin, Tenn.; and Brother Zahn is with C. G. Vincent in a mission meeting in Dayton, Ohio. We feel sure the Dayton meeting will need outside financial assistance and prayer. The same is true of the Ramsey-Shanks meeting in Monroe, La.

     Useful tracts: “Why not be just a Christian?” 5c; “What it means to be a Christian Only,” 2 for 5c; “How to understand and apply the Bible,” 10c; “What Baptism is, and what it is for,” 2 for 5c. Quantities at lower prices.   

 R. H. Boll is now’ engaged in meetings in Texas.

     Who will furnish us the address of Miss Angie Hamilton?

     If you are going to need the new song book— and you are, no matter what other book you may have—you can get it now at 50c each in any quantity, cash with order. When issued, the price is almost certain to be 60c or more. Other books of its claims cost a dollar and over. Address the compiler, E. L. Jorgenson, care Word and Work . Watch for next month’s announcement.


     This note from Stanford Chambers was intended for July: “I thought I would give Bro. Jorgenson a little space in this coming Word a n d Wo r k . We are now in our second tent meeting here and feel encouraged at the interest being shown. We are in a section that never heard us before and we are at least sowing the seed, both publicly and from house to house. Am engaged for a tent meeting at Iota, La., the latter part of July, one of Brother Ramsey’s fields of arduous work.

     “Brother Hebert became overheated June 13th, and was laid up for several days and is yet very weak. He had a very narrow escape, but God has preserved him for the French cause. His two helpers, Brethren Prather and Newman, have gone on with the work, and have proved their worth in a time of need. May I say to the readers of Word a n d Work that the support of these two helpers the past two months has been inadequate to their needs. A few more regular contributors are needed, that the work may not suffer. In the past few weeks over 100 have turned to the Lord from among the French Catholics, and the support for such glorious work should be ample and forthcoming.

   “I rejoice at the increase in the number of volunteers for the foreign field from among those who know and will declare the whole counsel of God. May they be consecrated, well prepared, well equipped and well sustained.

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