To: Parents of Woodland Bible Camp Campers and Adult Campers, Friends of Woodland

From: David Pound on behalf of the Board of Directors of Woodland Bible Camp, Inc.

Re: Update on the Status of WBC Summer Camp Program


June 19, 2020

     The Woodland Bible Camp Board of Directors would like to update you on the status of the WBC Summer Camp Program as of June 19, 2020. Since the last update at the end of May, the Board and camp week directors have had ongoing discussions about the status of the summer camp program. The Board plans to reopen camp on July 5, 2020 as the State of Indiana enters Phase 5 (final phase) of reopening on July 4, 2020. The summer camp schedule has been revised recently. The current WBC schedule is listed in this letter and will be updated on the camp’s website.

     The Board is following the recommendations from the CDC as pertains to overnight camps as well as guidelines from the State of Indiana. The links to these are provided below.

  1. CDC Considerations for Youth and Summer Camps issued May 19, 2020 [available online]. (
  2. State of Indiana COVID-19 Recommendations by the Governor May 1, 2020 [available online].
  3. Woodland Bible Camp Revised Schedule June 2020 @ [and in this letter]
  4. WBC COVID-19 Policy June 2020. [in this letter]

Thank you.

David Pound on behalf of the Woodland Bible Camp, Inc. Board of Directors

  1.                                                     WBC Revised Schedule June 2020

2020 Revised Woodland Bible Camp Schedule June through September



June 7-13. Senior Week. CANCELED. RESCHEDULED July 5-11.  See comments below.

June 14-20. Junior Week. CANCELED. Due to the camper age group in the context of the coronavirus situation and the camp schedule, Junior Week will NOT be rescheduled.

June 21-27. Intermediate Week. CANCELED. RESCHEDULED July 5-11. See comments below.



Senior/Intermediate Week (Rescheduled/Combined Week)                    July 5-11 (Sun. – Sat.)

Grades 7 through High School

Directors: Justin Adams, David Pound

Contact Justin at

Music Week. CANCELED.  


Portland Christian School Cross Country Team                                 July 31- August 2 (Fri – Sun.)



Woodland Family Weekend                                                   Aug. 21-23 (Fri. 6 p.m.-Sun. 1p.m.) 

Directors: Alan Borders & Planning Committee

Contact Alan Borders at               



Fall Retreat                                                                        Sept. 11-13 (Fri. 6 p.m. – Sun. 1 p.m.)

Ages: Grades 8-12 & First Two Years of College/Age 20                                                  

Director: Jeff Adams. Contact Jeff at 812-987-6006 or email at


Senior Citizens Week                                                Sept. 14-18 (Monday 1 p.m. to Friday noon) Directors: SCW Planning Committee                                                                                     

Contact Ed Woosley at 812-324-2579   

Woodland Bible Camp, Inc. Annual Meeting                                      Sept. 15 (Tuesday 6 p.m.)

Contact David Pound at   

D. WBC COVID-19 Policy June 2020

This information is based on published CDC and the State of Indiana guidance as of May 2020. It is possible that these recommendations may be modified before July 5, 2020.

Before Coming to Woodland

Any parent/guardian or camper who has experienced exposure to someone with COVID-19 or experienced fever, cough, or shortness of breath within the 2 weeks prior to the camp event will not be permitted to come (unless appropriate COVID-19 testing was done in advance and results are available.)


Arrival at Woodland/ The Registration Process

Campers will register inside the Dining Hall. Registration will be conducted with one camper/family at a time following social distancing at the registration desk. We ask that other campers/families waiting to register do so outside the Dining Hall or be seated inside the Dining Hall in the designated area. Persons entering the Dining Hall will have their temperature taken and be asked a few screening health questions. Before campers register, they will also need to be inspected for head lice. Any medications that a camper needs to take while at camp must be submitted in the original medication container labeled with the camper’s name. Prescribed medications must be provided in the original, labeled container. Any dietary restrictions should be discussed during the registration process.


While at Woodland

     Any staff or camper who develops symptoms concerning for COVID-19 will be isolated at camp until they can return home.

     Any nonessential visitors, volunteers, and activities involving external groups or organizations as much as possible – especially with individuals not from the local geographic area (e.g.,   community, town, city, or county) will be limited.   

      All campers and staff will have their temperatures taken daily and asked about certain symptoms, e.g. cough, shortness of breath. A designated staff person(s) will be in charge of this.

       Although social distancing will be advised and enforced, it will not be feasible at all times. Parents sending their children will need to decide if they are comfortable with this. 

      Recommended hygiene measures will be encouraged and monitored. This includes hand-washing, use of hand sanitizer, wearing cloth face mask if closer than 6 feet, etc. Parents need to furnish the masks. It is recommended that campers/staff bring 2-3 masks marked with their identification. Masks may be washed at camp. Parents need to understand that these measures cannot be enforced at all times.

           Campers/staff will access the bath house facilities at designated times as feasible practicing   guidelines. Disinfection/cleaning will be done twice a day.                                                                                                                                                                There may be 5 persons in a cabin. For camper cabins (depending on camper ages), this will be one cabin leader and four campers. This accommodates 24 girl campers and 20 boy campers. Individuals will be given their designated cabin/bed assignment at registration.

     Meals will be served in disposable containers. Meals will be eaten within the dining hall or outside in designated areas practicing social distancing measures. Tables, etc. will be disinfected between meals. 

          Air conditioning. The CDC suggests air flow with windows open. Thus, AC will likely not be used on a routine basis in the facilities with the exception of the kitchen. Campers will not be permitted in the kitchen. Air filtration systems are not effective.

         The recreational building will be used according to guidelines. Indoor games can be played using face masks (and gloves) as needed. Outdoor recreation will be conducted according to guidelines with cleaning sports equipment as advised.