Volume XIII                           July, 1920                                    No. 7

     Look for the expiration notice under the front cover. We will be looking for your renewal.

       Speaking of the progress of the church in Chattanooga, Sister Ferguson writes: “Brother Hoover is such a blessing to everyone around him.”

     We can furnish J. N. Armstrong’s excellent little booklet, ‘”Undenominational Christianity,” at fifteen cents each, eight for a dollar. They are good to give out to your friends.

  •  Η. N. Rutherford began a meeting with the Utica, Ind., church, June 21
  • R. A. Zahn writes from Dugger, Ind.: “Fine prospects for a great work here.” Brother and Sister Zahn accompanied E. L. Jorgenson to Ripley, Tenn., on June 21, for a meeting there
  • C. C. Merritt writes from Davis City, Iowa: “I am getting out a special number of Harvest Work in the interest of northwest missions.”

     Concerning the northwest missions, brethren write from Minneapolis, as follows: “Since August, 1919, four have been baptized here. The great opportunity for the work comes this summer when Clayton Gall, of Wichita, Kan., is to begin a tent meeting here (July 11). We hope to keep these tent meetings going up to September. Brother Paul C. Young will hold two of these. Brother Young has suggested that we get some preacher here who can give seven days a week to the work. Too many mission points have been brought to the point of being almost self-sustaining, and then left to die. We are praying that this will not happen here.” The Minneapolis work deserves support. Will you continue to do your part by it and encourage the church there to “carry on” through the summer?

     There have been a number of additions in the Highland church, Louisville, lately.

     From Davis City, Iowa: “Brother Merritt is in Arkansas in a meeting. Brother Campbell is in Oklahoma, so I am left here alone at present. Am doing my best at preaching and praying. Brother Covey is also in these parts.”—W. A. Sevedge.

      The following news from Brother Hoover, who ministers with the Central church, Chattanooga, came a little too late for the last issue: “The Central church of Christ of Chattanooga has recently purchased some splendid church property, a large brick building for $11,000, which the church hopes before very long to convert into a church building. Any fellowship any friend or church may feel in their hearts to offer in this work will be appreciated.” “R. R. Brooks, minister of Cowart street church, has just closed an interesting revival conducted under a tent in East Lake. Good seed planted. Two obeyed gospel.” “Aruna Clark, minister of the Rossville church, is now in good meeting with the Rossville church. Interest is fine and a number added to the church to date.”

     The following fine item from J. Edward Boyd was also too late for last month: “Have you heard of L. K. Harding’s meeting in Valdosta ? It began as a two weeks’ meeting, but so great was the interest manifested that it lengthened to more than four weeks. There were in all 21 additions to the congregation. I have been told. I was with Brothr W. H Allen a few days during his meeting with his home congregation, Jacksonville. Near the end of the second week there were two confesssions; later, I learned, the additions had reached the number 7. Two concrete arguments we have here against too short meetings. I expect to spend the summer, or the greater part of it, at Gainesville, Fla., laboring with the church there.”

     The tent meeting in South Louisville, Portland and Highland churches co-operating, Brother Boll preaching, is still in progress with considerable interest.

     Select your tracts for summer meetings from our “Sample set of seven.” Twenty-five cents postpaid. We have printed an extra supply of the Lesson Quarterly for July, August and September, for the benefit of those schools that wish to begin their use at this time. Many new schools began their use last quarter. 

 W. J. Johnson makes the following report for Amite, La.: “Received for the work here, of D. F. Draper, Fort Worth, Texas, $1; or L.Ή. Bretz and family, Huntingburg, Ind., $5; of the Church of Christ, Portland Avenue, Louisville, Ky., through Stanford Chambers, $15. We now lack about $800 having enough to complete our meeting house. The fellowship of those who love our Lord is solicited. All gifts, however small, are appreciated,