Frank Mullins, Sr. Called to KBC in Winchester!

     The following came from “The Evangelist,”, Vol. 7, July-August, 1954) written by Bro. Frank M. Mullins, Sr.

     God has wrought a tremendous change in the ministry of your editor and the publication of the Evangelist. On July 14th (1954) I received an invitation from the Board of Directors of the Kentucky Bible College, through its president, Winston N. Allen, to head the Bible Department of the College, beginning with the opening of the. School year, Sept. 13th. I have accepted this invitation, and it will require all of my time, energy, and recourses from until then to move from Dallas to Winchester and to get my family located there before school opening …

 When God Calls (Kenneth Istre)

The following came from “The Evangelist,”, Vol. 7, July-August, 1954)

            Last Thursday night in our regular business meeting, Bro. Frank Mullins told us of the call he had received from K.B.B to become head of the Bible Department. All members of the church (Fair Park Church of Christ, Dallas, TX) are interested in the development of the college, but had no idea that it would affect us quite so hard.  All regretted hearing that. Brother and Sister Mullins and Callie were to leave us soon, for their loss will be. Keenly felt, a loss we cannot. Replace.

     The Lord sent them to Fair Park when the church was in real need. God used them mightily. We as a congregation in the blessings God sent us through them. I have. Enjoyed me. Work with Bro. Mullins so very much. At all times was he and Sister Mullins ready to help in every way. My wife and I feel more like their own children than any other way, for it was that kind of love and help we received. Our lives certainly been made richer form our association with them. The. voice of the congregation cries the same.

     While their leaving. Brings sorrow to their hearts, we cannot help but be happy for K.B.C. and the young Christians who will come in contact with his ministry. We are also happy knowing God’s will has been honored in the matter… “For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them.” To be out of the elective will of God is the worst place for a child of God to be .. God not only creates us for good work, but has decided on the good works that He wants us to do.

     We at Fair Park believe that this is God’s will, for it was not our decision but the decision God led His servant to make. We have accepted it as of the Lord, because we know that it is never right to be wrong, and it would have been wrong to desire contrary to God’s will. After all Bro. Mullins set the time for ending his work with us, a resolution to this effect was passed and the matter closed with a vote of confidence and thanks to. Bro. Mullins.

     As these servants of God leave us, our love and prayers go with them. We thank God for them, and for all the. wonderful times we have had together. We bid them God-speed as they enter their new work, and look for the time when we all will be together in the presence of the glory and happiness of our coming Lord.

News and Notes  (The Evangelist, July-August, 1954)

     Kenneth C. Istre is now minister at Fair Park with full responsibility thereof…your editor (Frank Mullins) ruminates his relation with the Fair Park church of Christ as of September 5th in order to take up the. new work as head of the Bible Department of Kentucky Bible College on Sept. 13th. As we leave Fair Park it is with precious memories of God’s blessings upon us during the  past four years and one of the most wonderful relationships in the work of God in our experience.

     God’s sending. Of Bro. Istre to us here a little over a year ago prepared us all for our moving to K.B.C. this fall, though we did not know at the time this was in God’s plan. Our heart abides with sincerest love  for this great church and its leadership, and predict for it a great future during the ministry of Bro. and Sister Istre with the. church. When in Dallas visit Fair Park.

-Frank Mullins, Sr.


More News and Notes from the July-August, 1954 “Evangelist”

      Four KBC Graduates to Do Tent Work in Louisiana”: Four graduates of Kentucky Bible College will do missionary evangelistic work in Louisiana this summer. They are Stanford Broussard, minister of the Bayou Jacque Church of Christ; A. J. Istre, Minister of the MacArthur Drive Church of Christ in Alexandria; Antoine Valdetero, minister of the. Hayden’s Grove Church of Christ in Amite; and Earl Mullins, assistant minister of the Jennings Church of Christ.

      Note: as of July, 2020, of these, Bro. A.J. Istre is the only one still living.


This article was compiled by Larry Miles, Co-Editor of Word & Work. He attends Cherry St. Church of Christ in New Albany, IN.