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Highlights In Bible Prophecy # 3

by Mike Sanders


     Our focus on interpretation is critical. The meaning you derive from Scripture is a serious concern for a Believer. I really want to know God’s Word. What is His will?

     God revealed Himself to us in several ways. One way we know of God is the creation that surrounds us. The heavens are a perpetual witness to His glory, power, and knowledge (Psa 19:1). He is evident in our surroundings and even “within” man (Rom 1:19-20). This revelation of God is sufficient that man is without excuse.

     So much more detail has been revealed to us in the Scriptures. God has revealed Himself to us in this Special revelation. Interpreting it is the challenge before us in our current study. This study of interpretation or the rules of interpretation is called hermeneutics. The student’s goal is to draw out of the text the intended meaning of the Author.

     Several hermeneutical systems have been applied to interpret Scripture: Allegorical, literal, semi-literal, and theological form the short list. Our approach to the text will be the literal approach which is the norm in communication. If the text includes figurative or symbolic terminology, the context will make that apparent and we can consider it as such. Otherwise, we proceed, first and foremost, literally.

     Scripture provides guidance here. One precedent is identified by noting how the prophecies in the Old Testament, about the coming Messiah, were fulfilled. There are about 300 such prophecies that were fulfilled in the life of Christ. These prophecies were fulfilled literally.

     Another lead is available when we consider how the New Testament writers used the Old Testament writings. Frequently, you see phrases such as, “It is written . . .” In our next study session we will examine several of these examples to determine that the NT writer used the OT text in the same way the original author used it.

     With that particular emphasis as our foot hold, we will proceed to texts that teach us about the role God has for Israel in biblical prophecy.


Mike Sanders is a member of Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, KY, and teaches a men’s class there.  He is a former Church of Christ minister and retired UPS pilot.

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