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Because of My Mother

by Gary Knuckles

All of us have funny stories, sweet memories or thoughts of lessons learned from our mothers. A good mother is so vital to the happiness of the home and most of the initial impressions we have about life come from our mother. In many regards, much of what we are is a direct result of her influence because our father was busy earning a living.

     With that in mind, I want us to think about the things in life that did, or did not, happen because of our mothers. So, Because of My Mother…

  1. I learned to eat vegetables instead of just meat or candy. (“You will eat that and like it or you can go hungry!”)
  2. I learned to appreciate the great outdoors. (“Play outside. Sunlight is healthy for you and, besides, the fresh air will do you some good.”)
  3. I learned the value of concise statements. (“Because I said so!”)
  4. I learned how to behave. (“Do you want everyone thinking you were raised in a barn?”)
  5. I learned a lot about house construction. (“Stay out of my kitchen until it’s suppertime!”)
  6. I learned how to measure my life. (“Don’t wait until tomorrow. Tomorrow never comes.”)
  7. I learned the value of hard work. (“If you don’t take out the trash, now, the house will stink for a week.”)
  8. I learned to read and appreciate the Bible more. (She read it all the time…whether I was watching or not.)
  9. I learned to pray. (“Don’t start eating…we haven’t blessed the food, yet.”)
  10. I learned that God is 24/7. (“I may not always know what you’re doing, but God does.”)
  11. I learned how to speak appropriately and respectfully. (“Always say ’Thank you, please, and sir or ma’am.’”)
  12. I learned an infallible way of making decisions. (“What would Jesus do?”)
  13. I learned to be faithful in church attendance. (“Because God will be there.”)
  14. I learned a mother’s love. (“I love you.”)
  15. I learned she had plans for my future. (“Because I want you to go to Heaven.”)


           Gary Knuckles lives in Benton, KY and preaches for the Briensburg Church of Christ.

2 Responses to “Because of My Mother”

  1. Gary, this brings back pleasant memories.

  2. David Moldez says:

    Thank you for this article. It reminded me of my mother who led me to the Lord. Glory to God!

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If we live, we live to the Lord; and if we die, we die to the Lord. So, whether we live or die, we belong to the Lord.

Romans 14:8