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News and Notes From The Past

by Compiled by Larry Miles

100 Years Ago (April 1919)  R. H. Boll will preach and conduct Bible Classes in New Orleans during April; thence to Dallas, and other Texas points.

90 Years ago (April 1929)—From Glenmora, La.: “Interest is growing in the mid-week Bible classes, especially in the one for young people. We are thankful and take courage.”—J. Edward Boyd.

80 Years Ago (April 1939)–The next United Song Rally will be held at Sellersburg church third Thursday night, April 20. This is the final Rally for the Louisville area this season. These monthly gatherings for practice and praise in song have been delightful, with capacity attendance everywhere. They will be resumed in the autumn.

75 Years Ago (April 1944)–Brother D. H. Friend is to begin a gospel meeting at Mackville, Ky. church the fifth Sunday of April and will continue for one week, according to plans. Brother Jorgenson is now enjoying his annual western song rally tour in which he is visiting several churches all the way to the coast.

70 Years Ago (April 1949)–Jennings, La.: “David Broaddus, Jack Mitchell, and Kenneth Istre, students of Harding College, visited us the second Sunday in March. Kenneth led singing and David preached at the morning service; David gave a brief account of his experiences in China and the Philippines at the young people’s meeting; and the three young men gave talks at the evening service which were a blessing to us all.”—Ivy J. Istre.

60 Years Ago (April 1959)– Tell City Ind.: I expect to be in Lexington, March 29 · April 5, for a meeting and I will appreciate your prayers on behalf of this endeavor for the Lord. Pray that … Jesus’ desire for lost  souls may be mine. – Herman Fox, Jr.

50 Years Ago (April 1969)–Sellersburg, Ind.: Brother Terry Morrison is to hold a youth revival at Sellersburg in June 8-14. Later in the summer Stanford Broussard will hold a meeting from August 17-24. -Bob Morrow

40 Years Ago (April 1979)–Prairie Creek Church of Christ, Dallas, Texas had a guest speaker, Brother Chowning, during the Thanksgiving service in November. Bob Yarbrough continues to preach for the Church here. The church made the local newspaper recently having a Christmas Party (complete with Santa Claus) at a local nursing home

30 Years Ago (April 1989)–Belmont Church, Winchester, Ky.: For about 6 weeks beginning Thurs day, March 23, we will have the opportunity to share in a class, “Helping Each Other Bear Burdens.” Dennis Kaufman from Louisville will teach. Some of the topics will be: Goals of Counselling (Biblical or Secular?); Positive & Negative Ways of Communicating; Recognizing & Treating Depression; Marriage & Family Issues; Helping People Pick Up the Pieces; Developing a Plan for the Church.

25 Years Ago (April 1994)–Louisiana Christian Ladies Fellowship This year’s fellowship meeting for the ladies was a great success. Seventy-five ladies attended and several babies came along also. Most of the central Louisiana churches were represented as well as some from longer distances—Shiloh, Amite, Texas, Little Rock, and West Monroe. The luncheon was excellent and the skit was fun and delivered a very good lesson. The devotion time was spent on prayer: praise prayer, thankfulness, confession, supplication and intercession, with time given to each of these areas. Sister  West had much to share and will long be remembered. Many thanks to all who had a part in making this such a rewarding time for all. Praise Him from whom all blessings flow. — Turkey Creek, La. bulletin.

20 Years Ago (April 1999)–Announcing the 25th Annual Central Louisiana Christian Fellowship (November 15-18, 1999) at the Glenmora, Louisiana Church of Christ Theme: “God’s Instructions for ‘Last Days’ Living from Paul’s Letters to Timothy & Titus.”

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