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Church of Christ World-Wide Mission News

by Compiled by Bennie Hill

2/24/2019 – MOTO (JAPAN)

In about two more hours from now we two or three, or at least four, will be invited by the Lord for His Bread and Wine with a heart filled with both gratitude and joy, tough physically almost worn out.

In the past full month I checked on and wrote a note for our e-mail friends about the Ashtabula train disaster and Philip Paul Bliss with his message for us two, the song Brightly Beams Our Father’s Mercy, and almost complete it by this week.   Not many here know about PP Bliss and his life or about his spiritual influence he as left with us, so as we two old maverick geezer bumpkins want to make it sure that we are a smallest lower lights that need keep burning while high light towers built in big cities do their job as well.

Once a while we two lower lights find our fuel almost gone, but I tell my soul somehow we need the lower light in the most remote Buddhist mountain area here keep burning.  Thus far we have come in His grace and smile.   Cold severe winter days in this highland are with us, but we are OK, and we can somehow survive for the Master.   Thank you for your prayer for even us.

PP Bliss was a great guy, helping me keep burning the least lower light burning.   I hope you folks are OK, too.   At the Lord’s Table we will remember you in our prayer.

 Moto and Yoriko for His glory and honor.


DAKAR ACADEMY OUTREACH (Mark & Candy Garrett – Senegal)

In January, small rural churches in Senegal got a big boost in enthusiasm and hundreds of people said ‘Yes’ to Jesus!

Dakar Academy sent about 100 students, staff, and parents to a rural Serere area for a multi-pronged evangelical outreach.  A fledgling church saw the trenches dug and one and a half tons of cement poured for the foundation of their new church building!  The medical team had about 8 students, a couple of nurses, and a doctor.  A local nurse helped coordinate since she ran the clinic where the team consulted with locals.  Some young pastors helped translate for the team.  Mark helped first in registration and then in translation, since most of the staff were not fluent in French or Wolof.  This was a Serere village, but most people there understand Wolof (especially adults).  The team distributed 100 pairs of used glasses and managed to consult with over 400 people in one way or another.  Sometimes we could only refer them to other health professionals in Senegal, but we always prayed for each one that God would meet their need for healing and give Him glory!  Thanks for your prayers and faithful support!  March 2019 marks 25 years in Senegal!  It would never have lasted this long without God using you!

Mark, for Candy & Clan!


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Romans 14:8