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News and Notes

by Bennie Hill

MOTO NOMURA Let the lower light be burning…we two plus my younger sister, and perhaps a widow woman… all of us two or three will be singing the song.  We the lowest and least light in the remote Buddhist mountain community is still sending out the Light OK, though slower than we were yesterday. But we have been in a 3,500 feet high infertile mountain community with less material encouragement, but what we can do is to root down into the ground not to be moved or shaken by environment.

One or two senior couples went down the hills to big cities during the severe winter days.  Younger generation tend to go to big cities to find their jobs, making the mountainous rural community with less population.  I write 2 to 4 page messages quite often and e-mail them to His disciples in Japan, some to Korea. Quite busy and the job prevent me from getting dementia. One spine or backbone is getting crushed down, making me a bit of difficult to walk, but we try to walk through tuff virgin forest path each day, about a mile at least.

Winter days the warmest place we often find is inside the refrigerator.  No heating during night time, but we wear as much old rug as possible to keep ourselves warm, a living wisdom for the day.  Computer Windows XP is more than half dead, often I have to hit and kick it to make it work again.

We are OK as our remaining days are quickly vanishing away, so we do our very best to respond to His smiling grace each moment of each day.   Thank you for your prayer, for it makes each day meaningful. 

 Nikolaos Tsagarakis Wed, Jan 23, 2:12 (CRETE, GREECE)–I do receive the e-mail and I’m glad hearing from you. We have a heavy winter with snow and many rain.  I have physical problems with my waist and the cold create to me pain.  God continues His blessings upon our work here on the island of Crete.  It is with much joy that I am able to continue witnessing for Him and we are praying for the soon return of Jesus.   

 ANNUAL CRUSADE coming to Independence, Louisiana at the Oakgrove Church of Christ on March 24-28, 2019.  Theme:  “DEAR GOD – HELP ME” (A Christian Prayer)  and topics include: Sunday, In Trials and Temptation; Monday, When I Am Tempted; Tuesday, To Be Humbled; Wednesday, When Learning – to Listen; Thursday, With Wisdom – I Lack.   Speakers are being invited and a full program will be forthcoming. 

 LADIES INSPIRATION DAY 2019 has been planned for Saturday, April 6th and will be hosted at the Cramer & Hanover Church of Christ (199 North Hanover Ave., Lexington, Kentucky by the ladies of Central Kentucky.    Theme:   “Spiritual Gifts” and you are encouraged to join other ladies.   A complete program will be forthcoming with speakers and topics.   

 SOME MISSED IT due to the inclement weather and Church closings on Sunday, January 20, 2019.   That was “Sanctity of Life” Sunday when many sermons would have been preached on that subject.   Since January 22, 1973, the Supreme Court of the United States handed down its decision on Roe vs. Wade.  Since that decision in 1973 well over 53 million abortions (legalized murder) have been performed in the United States.    Proverbs 31:8 says: “Speak out for those who cannot speak, for the rights of the destitute.”   Most of our readers I believe are PRO-LIFE.   This is not a political stance; it is a moral and spiritual position.  Even though the day quietly slipped by – let us continue to “speak out for those who cannot speak for themselves.” 


“As in the Days of Noah and Lot”  Kyrsten Sinema is sworn in as the nation’s first openly bisexual US Senator; refuses to take oath of office on Bible.  She opted, instead, to place her right hand on a book of laws, including the U.S Constitution and the Arizona Constitution.  The book Sen. Sinema placed her hand on to be sworn in came from the Library of Congress, her office told the Arizona Republic.  “Kyrsten always gets sworn in on a Constitution simply because of her love for the Constitution,” the senator’s office said.  Sinema becomes the first openly bisexual person in the US Senate.

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