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Highlights of Our Heritage-Missions–N. Bernard Wright (1901-1977)

by Compiled by Larry Miles

The following was compiled by Larry Miles.

In early 2013  I received some magazines, tracts, and the like from a friend whose   husband passed away in January.  One of these was a tract called “Baptism and Eternity” by N. B. Wright. He was raised in Washington County, IN and grew up in the Big Spring Church of Christ. His grandfather is buried in that church cemetery.  He was twice a missionary in China and on his 2nd tour was captured by the Japanese and interred as a POW throughout WW2.  I had   heard the name and had some knowledge of him.  I mentioned his name to Mac Ice and told him I was doing some research on him. Mac did not know the name and encouraged me to continue the research and share it with the   Friends of the Restoration page.

     The following article appeared in “The Exhorter,” October 1962.  It does not give an author’s name, so it may have been written by Richard Ramsey.

  1. B. Wright has Vision and Works

     No one would deny that N. B. Wright is one of the most unforgettable characters you could ever meet. His jolly good humor plus his deep devotional nature make a rare combination to form an intriguing and pleasing personality.

    Almost a Christmas present, Bernard arrived on December 24, 1901, in the home of Delbert Stanton Wright and his wife, the former Essie Shanks. They lived at that time in Washington County, IN. Bernard regards himself fortunate in that his early life was spent on the farm. The family had three children, one of whom died before reaching school age.

     Bernard largely worked his way through school, obtaining a A. B. degree from the University of Louisville. He also took special classes at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, and spent one summer at Indiana University.

     In answer to the question as to why he decided to preach, Brother Wright says, “Predestined, I suppose.” He trained under R. H. Boll in Louisville, Kentucky. He preached some at various places around Louisville in the 1920’s. From 1938-1941 he preached for the Mt. Auburn congregation in Dallas, Texas, 1951 in Crowley, LA, 1952-1956 for Seventh and Camp Street’s in New Orleans, LA, and 1956-1959 at Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and since that time has been located with a congregation in the Los Angeles area, which now meets on Sawtelle Boulevard.

     At the time of this writing we do not have information about Brother Wright’s missionary service in China.1 We hope that at some future date he will write us an account of those years. During the second one he was interred by the Japanese during the war years.

     At long last tiring of the  loneliness of  bachelorhood or of his own cooking, Bernard married  Kammma Ancker Rasmussen2 on August 22, 1953. Her parents were missionaries in China likewise, and among her many accomplishments is the skill o preparing tasty bamboo sprouts and other exotic eastern dishes.

    This energetic, versatile preacher has held revival meetings all over the nation. Radio work has been one of his specialties, likewise. He has helped in summer Bible camps, and is a well-known author, writing frequently in The Word and Work, The Exhorter, and his own bulletin, The Deep Blue Yonder. He has printed several interesting tracts also.

     Usually going deeper than the average student of God’s Word, Brother Wright like specially to preach on Christ, on prophecy, and on our spiritual inheritance in Christ.

     In reply to a query as to his most interesting experiences as a preacher, Bernard ignored the usual runoff of funny incidents, and regards his most interesting experiences as “coming to grips, hand in hand, in mortal combat in prayer.” Those who have had the privilege of praying with this mighty prayer-warrior can testify to the benefit received from such an experience.

-Author Unknown





[1] Concerning N.B. Wright’s time in China, the following come from The Exhorter,” April 1960. It’s an article about Brother Charles Gruver

“On the second trip to China by N.B. Wright, Charles was ordained by the elders of the Lilly Dale Church of Christ and sent out with him. He stopped off in Japan for six months to study Chinese, and at the same time teach a school of white missionary children. After this he joined Brother Wright in China. When the War broke out between China and Japan, on the advice of the American Ambassador, he returned home on his first furlough. Shortly after this, Brother Wright was taken prisoner, and was held for the duration of the war.”

  1. Here is some information about Bro. Wright’s wife. Kamma Ancker Rasmussen was born in Lyngby, Denmark on April 8, 1907 and died on February 24, 1995 in Los Angeles, CA. They are buried in Forrest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale, CA.


  Larry Miles is Co-Editor of Word and Work.org and attends the Cherry St. Church of Christ in New Albany, IN.


2 Responses to “Highlights of Our Heritage-Missions–N. Bernard Wright (1901-1977)”

  1. Dalei Jorgenson says:

    Larry, I enjoyed your piece on N.B. Wright. We used to receive the Deep Blue Yonder, and my mother knew him personally when she was living in the Bay region of California. Maybe the fact that he married a Dane, as had my mother, made a special connection! His life was certainly a picture of a soldier for Christ.

  2. max anderson says:

    I am the nephew of Bernard Wright of Pekin, Ind. my son found your/this article & sent it to me. This was an unexpected surprise an a pleasant one. He was an unexpected and unpredictable fellow and he loved life and most of all, the Lord.
    Thank you for your work in presenting this wonderful man to all.

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