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28th Annual Ladies Retreat – CENTERED

by Submitted by Sandra Naugle

The 28th Annual Ladies Retreat was held at Kavanaugh Conference & Retreat Center in Crestwood, KY, on Oct. 26th and 27th.  There were 60 in attendance.  This time we had one family with 4 generations and two families with 3 generations attending. We are counting the babies since they were there. We had rain on Friday but thankfully it cleared up for Saturday.

Our theme this year was Centered on Jesus, The Word, and Prayer.  Speakers were Susan Brooks, Adele Hill, and Paula Grimes.  The ladies did a great job in presenting their respective topics. The table centerpieces were targets with a picture of Jesus, a Bible, and Praying hands in the ‘bull’s eye’.

Beverly Flora reported on her recent mission trip to the Ukraine.  It was interesting to hear how using an interpreter when interacting with and teaching the Ukrainian Christians entered in to bringing them God’s Word. They were in several cities in the country while on their trip and she said she enjoyed the people and the places.

Betty Ridgeway showed slides and spoke of her trip to Costa Rica.  It was interesting to see how varied the different areas they were in appeared to be.  Many of the folks where they were are very poor. They were able to teach the Bible in several places to many different people.  Betty also told us a little about her work with the Red Cross before she retired.

On Friday night, there is always a pitch-in dinner.  There was more delicious looking and definitely delicious tasting food on the table than in a long time.  The variety was great and it all tasted quite good.  We had some left-overs to put out for Saturday lunch along with the Sloppy Joes and the Mac & Cheese. Breakfast and Lunch are furnished on Saturday.

After supper on Friday, we were all divided into separate groups.  One person from each table was selected to be ‘decorated’ with whatever the large bag held.  It was a fun time for all and there was much laughter and obvious enjoyment. The second part of the evening was a Bible quiz that was divided into 3 parts.  Each part had 3 questions.  The strange thing is that you had to rate your answer with either a 1, a 3, or a 6.  If the group was sure of their answer, they gave it a 6. The table with the most points was the winner. It was enjoyable to hear the contributions and the discussion as to what was the correct answer.

The last thing on the Friday night program is when we clear the tables and put the chairs in a circle and turn out the lights and have our Prayer Circle.  It is a time of prayer requests, many different ladies praying, and some starting songs we could all sing.  It is always a quiet time of fellowship, praying, and singing.  The committee always gets positive comments about the Prayer Circle. We end the Retreat at 2:30 on Saturday and folks head for home.

In 2019 we will go back to the last Friday/Saturday in September for our Retreat.  Come and enjoy the fellowship and the program.  We keep our fees low so everyone can come.

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  1. Bev Flora says:

    Very enjoyable program.

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