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by Compiled by Bennie Hill


Since the Annual Prayer/Praise Booklet will not be printed again this year, we are trying to share information received from various MISSIONS AROUND THE WORLD.     We appreciate those who have responded and thank the Word & Work for printed these responses in the Word and Work Online. (Wordandwork.org)   If you do not have access to the internet, please contact me (benhill2468@gmail.com) and I’ll be happy to send you a hard copy of the reports shared above.   

DAVID & LINDA MOLDEZ. B13 L15 Fleurdeiz, Capitol Park Homes 2, Novaliches. Caloocan  City, Philippines

davidmoldez@yahoo.com     SERVING FOR 30 YEARS

We, the brethren here in the Northern part of the Philippines particularly in Metro Manila are very grateful to everyone who is supporting us especially in prayer. All glory to our God.

Items of Praise

  1. That we are able continue the teaching and training ministry of Central Bible Seminary (CBS). This Academic Year 2018-2019 is our 58th year of teaching students to be better equipped for their God given tasks.
  2. For individuals and local churches who continue to support the ministry without which CBS can not continue the teaching and training of students
  3. For CBS alumni who became ministers and workers of local churches missionaries,  and church planters in order to fulfill the Great Commission.

Prayer Requests

  1. That our Lord God will continue to guide and give us wisdom as we teach in the Seminary and lead and challenge the graduates to do mission works here in the Philippines.
  2. That the Php 70,000.00 ( $1,300.00)monthly budget will be met
  3. That God will raise more workers to join the harvest for the Kingdom of God through the ministry of the Bible School and other trainings that we are doing.

“May God be gracious to us and bless us and make His face shine upon us, that your ways may be known on earth your salvation among all nations”. Psalm 67:1-2

Jinei & Kazuko Tomura, 5-16-18 Shimo Ochiai chuo-ku. Sai City Saitama Pref. Japan

Tom525@hotmail.co.jp    SERVING SINCE 1981


Preaching (including three other locations once in a month) , teaching, pastoral care, writing on Luke for booklet like word and works in Japan.  Homiletics training seminar and group study throughout year since 2010.


To raise a full-time servant of the Lord to pass on my ministry.   To keep on building the body of Christ with members.  To assist two other congregations to become self-sustained church.  To keep contact with sick ones who are not able to join worship with us.


Faithful members of the body in the works of the Lord.  God’s unceasing blessing over us in the time of difficulties.  Our brothers continue preaching once in a month out of busy schedule.  Our annual booklet titled “a letter to Jesus” was published on July.

Special note

I am thankful to the Lord that we can inform you readers about what God is doing at the corner of the world in Japan. It is our joy to experience the reality of God’s work in every aspects of our life with your unceasing prayer and support. Let us glorify the name of the Lord wherever we are and whatever the condition is around us.

In His Grace,

Jinei Tomura

Nick & Chrysoula Tsagarakis. Av. Papanastasiou 38Heraklio, 71306,  Crete-Greece

Nik_tsagarakis@Hotmail.com  SERVING FOR 25 YEARS

I am a Freelance salesperson in agricultural products. I have my car and evangelize people of Crete in many villages and cities. I have an old car and also the financial crisis has reduced my income.

Specific needs :  Bibles, Christian brochures and calendars to distribute to Cretan people.

Items of Thanksgiving :

We glorify Jesus because my sons Manolis and Peter had difficulties in order to give birth to a child. But after many prayers we saw the hand of God and now we are expecting the babies at the same year.    We thank Lord because even though we are in moral-financial crisis people seek God and ask for New Testaments.   We glorify Jesus because souls added in our church.

Items for Prayer:

I need your prayers in order Christ give me spiritual strength and health to service him all over Crete.

 I glorify Jesus for this mission and the congregations of Christ Church and for your financial support Bro Bennie through the Church of Christ Worldwide.

Robert & Joy Garrett, 2703 Northwestern Pkwy., Louisville, KY 40212  (512) 290-2457


 For old folks we are in fairly good health for which we give thanks to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Among other usual things that manage to keep us occupied are numerous doctor appointments. I have had a persistent cough for over four months now. It seems to be more of an allergy, however.  At a recent checkup at our family doctor, I told him that I wanted to make a trip to Zimbabwe in March next year.  He then, saying he wanted to make sure I would be fit enough, scheduled a whole bunch of appointments with different specialists — lung, cardiology, orthopedic — to see if my 87 year old frame would be up to it. However, Zimbabwe may not be possible as I do not think I can leave Joy alone for that length of time..

JOY:  She feels well, and teaches a women’s Bible class Sunday evening here in our house.  However, arthritis in her shoulders makes it increasingly impossible to raise her hands above her head. She cannot walk unaided and sometimes I have to help her dress.

GOSPEL TRACTS:  Over the past 58 years I have written a number of tracts on different Bible subjects, especially for use in Zimbabwe.  Many of these need revision and I have been working on that since my return to the USA. There is continuous need for teaching of the Word.


National elections were held the end of July amid a lot of political unrest..  The ruling party won the national election and although there was protest and some rioting  things have settled down.

Economically the country is experiencing serious difficulties.  The value of necessary imports far exceeds the value of export earnings, resulting in shortages and increasing high prices.  Fuel is one of those necessary imports that are adversely affected.

Cash, currency, is in short supply so most purchases must be made by bank card.  The Government has just slapped a 2% tax on each transaction.  There is already a 15% sales tax, so this in effect makes a total tax of 17% on every purchase with every “swipe.”


BUDIRIRIO:  A high density suburb of Harare.  Progressing well,  The congregation is now able to meet under the roof while the brick walls are being erected. The method of construction I like to use for our church buildings is :

First:   Foundations and floor slab.

Second: Steel roof and framing on steel columns.

Third: Walls, windows and doors. We build as the Lord provides. It can take months or a couple of years to complete a building. So if the roof is done early the congregation can have shelter from the elements while construction is going on.

UNFORTUNATELY there is a problem with the exterior face bricks.  We paid the Brickyard for the complete number we needed and they only delivered half of those and promised the remainder to come a bit later. (In Harare we cannot make our own brick as we do in rural areas, but must purchase them from commercial brickyards.)  The walls are now up a little over half way and we need more of that particular brick. Nothing else will match at this stage. They keep promising but several months have gone by so building work is stalled. Prayer will not be amiss!

GRANARY SNAKE PARK: A privately developed high-density residential area just outside Harare.  (It gets its name from a nearby tourist attraction called “Snake Park” that houses a big variety of reptiles).  As reported in our last newsletter, there is a growing congregation that meets in, and has outgrown, the house of Bro. Justice. They need their own building. The only available land is the joining of four small residential stands to make one large enough for a church.  They were asking $13,000.00 per stand. Total $52,000.  They have now agreed to $40,000, and we are negotiating to pay that over a few months. We have enough funds on hand to pay half  the cost, so we are appealing for funds to make up the $20,000 balance.

There are some local authorities, such as Binga and Mhondoro, that make church sites available for only a nominal sum, and others that demand the most exorbitant prices.  We thank God for His provision.

Motoyuki Nomura, 1381 Koarama, Nagasaka-Cho Hokuto-shi, Yamanashi-Ken, 408-0031 Japan

artaban@esp4.comlink.ne.jp   SERVING SINCE 1985

Thank you for your ministry not only for your domestic services but also for your world wide ministry to help promote His Kingdom. Right now the 25th typhoon is approaching to Japan, and I do hope it will not cause any serious damages to the roads around us here but also some damages to our Bethany Home meeting place as recent typhoon #23 and 24 did to us.

Severe winter season is approaching, making most of our senior couples leave the mountains to big city like Tokyo for the winter time, but we two maverick geezer bumpkins for the Master will stay here as usual to let our lower light be burning for those possible someone who need His light.

Paul traveled like a migrating bird from a sea port town to another to proclaim His gospel, never staying in remote high mountainous community more than a couple weeks.  He likes big sea side cities along the Meditarerian sea. He would not go and stay in remote communities as I understand, and that is how the Lord used him.

 As for us two, like what Habakkuk 3:17-19 say, we have worked hard with our utmost, and yet gaining very little visible result, at least in Japan, where as our Korean ministry is appreciated in Korea by them.  At times I wonder if we were a grasshopper or a hardest working ant.  But the above mentioned Habakkuk comfort us and still encourage us to struggle to go through that squeezing narrow gate to be a free will slave disciples of Him for His Kingdom.

 Thank you for your prayers. Thank you for our brothers and sisters in Him for their prayer so that we can keep working for His Kingdom.   

Michiya & Tomoko Nakahara, 9-25 Toyohara Cho, Surugaku, Shizuoka City, 422-8071


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I apologize in advance for making this newsletter mostly personal; but I do so to solicit your prayers.  My health has not been so good since early spring.  About 15 years ago, I was diagnosed with Cervical Spondylosis (a spinal condition).  The doctors then told me there was nothing they could do.  I had been able to keep the pain under control for the most part through the years.  It usually got better as the weather warmed in the spring, but this year was different.  Rather, I noticed the pain was getting worse and worse.  It reached a point that I was ready to have surgery in hopes that would help. 

Tomoko and I discussed this matter; and through Lynn (our young son who is currently in Medical School) and his professor/doctor, I was able to get a referral for extensive tests at Hamamatsu Teaching Hospital.  We found out later that many reputable spine surgeons practice at this hospital.  I am again awed by God’s provision and his orchestration.   

After many tests and consultations, the doctor has recommended no surgery at this time because of potential side effects, and that they felt my condition has not reached a point to require invasive surgery.  Instead, he prescribed a corset.  I have worn the corset for the past 3 months, and the difference is amazing.  The doctor also shared with me that many patients who have worn the corset have improved in their conditions. 

Prior to my first visit with this doctor, I prayed to the Lord, “Lord, I do want surgery, but if that is not your will, I will accept.  My body is not mine, it is yours.  I know you will give me the ability to cope with this pain.”  It took the doctor 1 month to come to the decision not to operate.  For the whole month, I noticed my thoughts swaying back and forth—between hoping that the doctor will operate, and giving it to the Lord and trusting Him for the best outcome. I struggled with my weakness, but God is faithful and has given me the very best treatment available.  I am now able to go back to my part-time employment since.   I really felt everyone’s prayers while I was in a “resting period” for six months. 

I do have some exciting news.  On August 19th, a 93-year old lady (a mother of our church member) accepted Christ as her Savior!  This is such an encouragement to our congregation.  As you may know, it is very common for a Japanese Christian to be the only believer in the family. God has answered our many prayers on behalf of this elderly mother.   She lives in an assisted living complex, so I try to visit her as often as possible to share and to pray with her.  Please pray with us that she will know Jesus deeper each day. 

We see so many tragedies and so much evil around the world.  It is more urgent than ever to pray for the lost.  Maranatha!  Come Lord Jesus.                  

Michiya & Tomoko Nakahara 


If more reports and Praise news  comes in, we will include it in future issues of Word and Work On-Line                    

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