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Time For The Answer

by Larry Bryant

(Gleaned from his Facebook page.)

The evidence is real, its provided from first hand eyewitnesses, circumstantial from several sources, including enemies of the new Christian faith.

The church has provided Bible lessons and teaching for decades to what avail? The young people are fleeing from the church in record numbers. The average young person who has left the church claims they made their decision at 12 years of age! WOW!

Simply put, we (Christians) cannot continue the path we have traveled the last 30-40 years, the church will cease to exist as we know it. So, what’s our challenge?

We have to give a different answer to “Why am I a Christian?” than those in belief systems that are not Christian – BECAUSE we are different from them, and we can prove it with real evidence, both internal and external to the Bible.

So, what’s my answer when asked “Why am I a Christian?” – my answer is because it is real! No other answer states it emphatically that we are the only true faith system that gets us to Heaven, there are no other ways, no other systems that will deliver someone’s soul to Heaven.

We in the church are not training people to know the Bible is real, its accounts are not stories, but real history.

We are not training young people to know these facts, and how they can defend their faith when challenged.

So, for those who casually look at us Christians with all of our faults and failures, please realize the only difference between us and others is we have been washed in the blood of Jesus, but facing the same human nature and sin tendencies of being a human, and yes, some I have conquered, but many I have not.

I’m a Christian because it is real, Jesus is the only way to eternal life in Heaven, and I am a fallible person whose washed in the blood of Jesus. Am I better than you – no, am I a perfect person because I’ve accepted Him – no, do I still have faults and hang-ups – yes, am I willing to help you find Jesus and accept Him – yes.

It is real, and we are all one heartbeat away from knowing just how real it is – if not me, find someone, some way to review the evidence and make an informed decision about your eternal life. No decision IS a decision, and not one I want to see anyone succumb to.

Three resources to seek answers if you like to read:

1) Lee Strobel – Case for Christ

2) James Warner Wallace – Cold Case Christianity

3) Mark Cahill – One heartbeat away

Don’t be uninformed, make sure you know the decision you’ve made – because if it is the wrong one and you’ve drawn your last breath, or had your last heartbeat, there is no changing the decision you’ve made.


         Larry Bryant is an Elder of the Tell City Church of Christ, Tell City, IN.


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If we live, we live to the Lord; and if we die, we die to the Lord. So, whether we live or die, we belong to the Lord.

Romans 14:8