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Where Will You Be Then?

by Sandra Naugle

Composed in 1988


If Christ should come on Sunday morning, wouldn’t it be grand?

We’d all be gathered worshipping with Bibles in our hands.

We’d think, my how appropriate that He should come just then

When all His saints had gathered there to worship Him again.


But what if He should choose to come on Sunday night, Oh my!

Would He take note of those not there and ask those present, Why?

Would your excuse be good enough to satisfy your Lord?

Or would you know within your heart ‘excuse’ is just a word.


Excuses such as just too tired or too much else to do

Or friends came by to chat awhile, too late when we were through.

The football game ran overtime, the kids were at the park,

The daylight hours are just too short and after church it’s dark.


Wednesday night I should go, but I worked hard all day.

I don’t need to go to church to meet my Lord and pray.

Those few who go can carry on in study and in prayer

I’ll not be missed. After all, I’m hardly ever there!


One excuse is just as good as any of the others

When I choose to stay away from Christian friends and brothers.

Jesus said, “Forsake not the assembly when they meet.”

Oh, how He desires to turn my guilty, wayward feet.


One hour a week – all I can spend in fellowship for Him,

I’m just too busy more than once to meet with all of them.

When Christ returns to gather up those for whom He died

Will you be found looking up or will you want to hide?


If you’re not where you should be, will He have time to look?

Or will He wonder, did you care what’s in His holy book.

Make time now friend to join in prayer and fellowship while here

That when your Lord comes for His own He’ll find you drawing near.



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