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Before Eighteen Becomes Nineteen

by Gary Kmuckles

Have you been busy thinking about your New Year’s resolutions? There isn’t much time left to finish your list...tomorrow is the New Year! So, if you’ve been procrastinating, (probably, possibly, maybe a New Year’s resolution within itself), it may be “high time” you got the list done so you can start implementing the things that will make you the person you want to be before 2019 gets here. You only have one year. So, before 2018 becomes 2019…


  1. Make realistic resolutions. There is a danger of setting our goals too low, but there is a danger in unreasonably high goals, as well. Make your resolutions high enough to stretch you, but well within reach.
  2. Make worthy resolutions. That is, make resolutions that will improve you in some way. A resolution vowing to get revenge on someone is not worthy. On the other hand, a resolution to make a friend out of someone who hates you is not only good, but pleasing to God. A worthy goal is one that helps you become a better person and blesses the world around you.
  3. Make a few resolutions rather than many. Too many resolutions can be distracting and discouraging. You may need to make a lot of changes, but tackling all of them at one time may be daunting. Think about the changes that will help you the most and concentrate on those. Save the other resolutions for a time when you can concentrate on them more.
  4. Make a list of your resolutions and post it where it can be seen daily. We may forget a resolution during the course of a year, but we often remember it at the end of the year and feel like a failure. Use your list to remind you of your goals for the year and renew your efforts to accomplish those things before the year ends.
  5. Make an effort to measure your progress. Have I been diligent in trying to keep my resolution? Have I made the improvements I resolved to make? Am I happy with the results, thus far?
  6. Make up your mind to follow through. We may quit because we think it is too hard or because we become distracted by other things. Make the determination to accomplish the task no matter what!!! Even if you start late, at least it’s a start! If you fail, try again...and again...and again until you get it right. It will pay great dividends.


Before eighteen becomes nineteen…. —Gary

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