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by Bennie Hill

JENNINGS CHURCH OF CHRIST (Louisiana)  The 100 year celebration in Jennings was great!  Saturday over 150 attended, and the singing was wonderful!  Danny Broussard led old hymns of praise and shared some memories.  Derald Myers followed, leading more songs and recognizing the decendents of Marquette LeDoux and their musical abilities.  David Henning and Scott LeDoux also led songs and shared memories.  After a delicious lunch of gumbo and potato salad and desserts, Kenneth Istre recalled a funny story about building the roof of the new church building.  Paul Estes spoke about no condemnation for all believers, followed by more singing.  Letters from David Johnson and Buford Smith were read aloud, since they were unable to attend.  Don McGee spoke about our spiritual roots.  U.S. military veterans were recognized.  It was noted that from WWI to the present, all military personnel from the Jennings church returned unharmed, recognizing God's protection in answer to the prayers the church offered on their behalf.  Leah Hebert had compiled a 3-part slide show, which was fun to watch.  Roy Platt, current minister, recognized all present who had served at the Jennings church.

Sunday morning, over 80 were present to continue with the celebration.  Don McGee spoke again, encouraging the church to "take up the mantle" and continue working for the Lord.  Another lunch was enjoyed.  Papers, books, and other items from the years past were displayed on tables in the foyer, and copies of a 10-page time-line history of the church was available for all to take as a memorial of the celebration.  The booklet showed the legacy handed down from Ivy Istre and other Istres, Lawrence Prather and other Prathers, as well as the LeDoux family and other families.  The weekend was a wonderful success, with all praise to God.  (Joyce Broyles)   PS  If any former members or others would be interested in having a copy of the church history, they could call and I could send one.  My number is 337-824-5966.  Just leave a message if I don't answer!

ANNUAL THANKSGIVING RERPORT (Dan Wilson)   The change came this year as PCS hosted the Annual Thanksgiving Service on Sunday night, November 19, 2017 at the Westport Road Campus.    The attendance as reported by Bro. Ron Flora was 295.  The singing was good, as was the choir.  The report on PCS was a blessing and the offering was reported as $4,050.  Bro. Bud Ridgeway delivered the Thanksgiving address and actually kept within his assigned time limit.

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