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Mullins Family Remembered Family of Frank M. Mullins, Sr.

by John Fulda

Frank and Ophelia Mullins had five sons.  The oldest were twins, Bob and Frank that we knew of only too well.  Then there was Eugene, and after that were Earl and Jimmie.  They were very nearly the same ages as I and my brother Pete. Earl and I were the reserved ones.  Pete and Jimmie always had that twinkle of mischief. I may have been the oldest of the four.

WWII had cut into our lives pretty hard.    They lost their brother Bob early on in the War and we lost our Dad to the draft when he was 37 years old right when we needed him most.

The Mullins family were in New Orleans with the 7th and Camp Street Church.  Apparently they made many trips visiting the “country”   churches because they were well known  in our area and we were known by them, especially my Mother who was left alone with three sons, two who were so close to Earl and Jimmy.

We split the summers with them.  They enjoyed the rivers and creeks of the “country” and we enjoyed the Parks and ferry rides and other opportunities of the big city.  We would ride that Canal street ferry all day long,  and never tired of Audubon Park. There were no problems with leaving  us unattended in the park or on the ferry in those days.  We paid our way by helping Brother Mullins fold the “Evangelist” to ready it for mailing.

Jimmy had a beautiful voice in a range that allowed him to sing the Tenor. One Sunday  morning I noticed he was not singing melody and asked him what he was doing.  He showed me the notes and I was a tenor from that day on.

During our last visit My Dad was scheduled for a furlough and was routed through New Orleans. Bro. Mullins knew about it and scheduled our return train trip on the day Dad was to be on it. He and Earl and Jimmie so wanted to be in on the surprise and walked us all over that station for hours looking for him  until time to board.  They got us on the right car, but didn't see the soldiers on leave. We got on board and made our way to the far end and took a seat.

The train moved through the swamps for about a half an hour when Pete decided he had to use the bathroom which was at the opposite end of where we were.  A few seconds later he was screaming my name as loud and hard as he could, when he got his breath I heard, “It's Daddy!!!!”


John Fulda was privileged to be great friends with the two younger Mullins boys. John is a retired Choral High School teacher and Church of Christ minister. He resides in Amite, Louisiana.


Addendum:  Frank M. Mullins was a Church of Christ minister for most of his life.  He spent several years in the late 50s and early 60s as a Bible Teacher at Southeastern Christian College in Winchester, KY.  His last years were spent in Dallas, Texas, as minister of the Mt. Auburn Church of Christ. He had previously served in Dallas as minister of the Fair Park Church of Christ, which later became the Piedmont Church of Christ. He was instrumental in helping start the youth camp in Louisiana in 1954. Bro. Mullins died May 30, 1964, and his funeral was attended by a very large crowd.  The funeral procession was at least a mile long and proceeded  from Garland, TX, to his burial site at Grove Hill Memorial Park in Dallas. 


I (Word & Work editor, Sandra Naugle), attended Fair Park Church of Christ during his ministry there and was baptized by Bro. Mullins during Youth Camp at Chicot State Park in 1954. I also enjoyed his Bible Class at SCC.)

From Larry Miles-- This is from the March 1947 Word & Work-- written by Bro. A K Ramsey Amite, La. : "The writer was called to preach at. the Seventh and Camp streets church, New Orleans,on the second Lord's day of February.
That good congregation needed some help, being grieved by the removal of their beloved minister, Frank M. Mullins, and shocked by the death of his son, Lt. Robert Mullins, -on Luzon Island.

Brother A. K. Ramsey reports that Brother Frank Mullins and family, immediately after hearing
of the death of their son, moved to Dallas, whore he is with the Mt. Auburn church o! Christ. His wife is not well and his heart was full and it seemed best. to return to the old home town. Elsewhere in this issue appears a tribute to Bob. We join Brother Ramsey in expressing love and sympathy to Brother Mullins and family.

Here is a link to the  info about the death of Lt. Bob Mullins in the March 1947 Word & Work

3 Responses to “Mullins Family Remembered Family of Frank M. Mullins, Sr.”

  1. John Fulda says:

    Apologies to the Editor. I was so traumatized by the death of Bob Mullins I didn’t remember it in the right place. Thanks for the link!

    • admin says:

      You’re very welcome John we appreciate the article and the reminisces of past histories in our fellowship please feel free to send as many as you want on that area Larry miles co-editor

  2. Ann Friend Newton says:

    I remember well being in Bro. Frank’s bible class at SCC. Bro. Earl taught me at Portland Christian and I am blessed by the friendship of Earl C. and his sweet wife Phyllis. I praise God for families that teach Truth to their children! This family has blessed so many!!

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