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Mission Reports

by Bennie Hill



(Ruth Hartle – Cape Town, Republic of South Africa)  “Thank you so much for the recent gift from the KY-IND Fellowship Mission’s Offering which I received back in October.  Your kindness, caring, and sharing means a lot to me.  I am so blessed by God who puts it in the hearts of Christians who think of me.  God is so awesome and has been with me at all times and blessing me in so many ways.  I retired 11 years ago and it wasn’t for God, I don’t believe I would be in such a good happy place.  I am able to visit my sister who is in a home every other week. Public transportation is quite a challenge. May God continue to bless each of you especially those who teach and preach His Word.”


(Nick Tsagarakis – Heraklio, Crete, Greece)   “I would like to inform you that I am now the pastor of the church of Heraklio of Crete.  This is the church you and others visited the year Bro. George Galanis passed away.  (Pie & JR Satterfield, David & Betsy Harding, Mike Harding, Bennie & Adele Hill).  We are in need for a long overdue renovation project.  This is an old building, but it’s the best place we have for worship and the study of God’s Word.  Any gifts (Designate: “Building”) can be sent to:

Church of Christ Worldwide

P.O. Box 54842

Lexington, KY 40555

SENEGAL, W.AFRICA (Mark & Candy Garrett – mark.garrett@sim.org    (THANKSGIVING – 2017)

Thanksgiving week in Senegal has its own traditions. On Wednesday, the Dakar Academy community plays the 'Turkey Bowl', a flag football tournament for students, staff and parents.  Thursday is reserved for families to celebrate the American holiday or just take the day off.  But Friday is not for Christmas shopping.  No, almost every year Dakar Academy sends a group on outreach to rural areas where the Gospel is just beginning to penetrate. God has used this outreach to persuade many, many people to be followers of Jesus!

This year DA is sending 125 students, staff, parents, and a Montana church team on outreach to the region of the Sine-Saloum river delta.  As usual the team will do multi pronged activities for the evangelistic effort.  Teams will be organized for kids clubs, drama presentations, film showings, evening evangelism meetings, painting, constructing benches, medical outreach, etc.  Three years ago DA students dug and poured a foundation for a local church. This year DA plans to dig a foundation for the first Christian school in that area!

Mark will go as translator for the medical team and the evangelistic evening meetings.  Anne will serve on a roving prayer team, visiting the other teams for immediate prayer for any situation that arises.  Bryan will be helping with the sound crew for the evangelistic meetings and overseeing the photography and filming for the event.

We thank God for another wonderful opportunity to share His love for the Senegalese people!  To think about this awesome privilege is humbling and we cannot thank Him enough!

Candy and Kortnie will hold the fort in Dakar as Kortnie's due date is fast approaching.  Thanks for your prayers for her and for Bryan!

Will you pray for this event from Friday through Sunday?  We know that God wants us to participate with Him in that way.  So, join with our prayer chain anytime you can during this coming weekend.

Pray for:  Safety in travel,  open hearts, God's Spirit to fill us, His messengers,  wisdom in dealing with any difficulty that happens,  and good rapport with local leaders.

Thank-you for all your prayers for our family over the years!  You really do encourage us that way.  We anticipate seeing God build our faith as He works through yet another outreach! We expect to update you on how He worked a few days afterward.  And on a separate note, we will deliver any joyful news of delivery as well.


In April (plus a few days in March and in May) Paul visited Zimbabwe to assist Robert Garrett in his work among the Harare area churches, among the Binga area churches and at Rockwood Camp.  The Binga churches are near the border with Zambia and Rockwood Camp is located at Ruwa near Harare.

Over 250 people gathered for Bible lessons and worship services on Sunday, the last day of the Binga Bible camp.  Many sat on backless benches during the meetings and a few sat on the concrete floor!  Many young people took advantage of the opportunity to attend camp at Rockwood.   Over 200 attended the annual "School-leavers Camp" held over Easter weekend

In July we hosted our annual "Missions Report" supper (which was held in conjunction with the annual Kentucky-Indiana Christian Fellowship Week).  Nearly 70 people were present to hear reports on mission activities in China, North Korea, Zimbabwe, the Philippines, Ukraine and Lithuania.

In September our team of four - Ron and Beverly Flora, Paul and Virginia Kitzmiller - traveled to Ukraine to work in two cities, Kramatorsk and Poltava.  We met the brethren in Kramatorsk for the first time; in Poltava we saw many familiar faces. Three times in three days we met for Bible study and worship with the church in Kramatorsk. This city is located in an area that saw intense fighting in 2014 and is less than ten miles from the current border with the rebel-controlled area of Ukraine.

For five days we helped brethren in Poltava conduct a camp program at a rented facility located about 25 miles outside the city. Our team members led in Bible lessons, craft classes and discussion sessions. We also met with the church on Sunday following this camp.

IMPRESSIONS FROM: BEV FLORA.  I really enjoyed the trip to Ukraine.  The people in Kramatorsk were very friendly.  The church people in Poltava seemed to be more reserved, especially the older group.  They did seem to loosen up as the week progressed.  As in the States, the young people seemed to have a different attitude.  I also noticed that, as in the church situation in the USA, only a few do most of the work, but thankfully there were those that were willing to give and work.

It was interesting to hear the different viewpoints   towards Russia and also about the things that the people had experienced from the attack on Ukraine by Russia in 2014.  Also, it was interesting to see the remnants of the old Soviet Union on buildings and statues.  I was surprised by the similarities between Ukraine and the US in that they have many of the same trees, foliage, crops etc.  It was interesting to go by the gardens and see the pumpkins in the fields, same as the U.S.   As in other countries where missionaries have gone, you could tell it was hard for people to change their minds from the ideas they had grown up with and accept the Gospel.  I feel like it was a blessing to have experienced the trip.

Ron Flora.   Two things stand out to me:

  1. The dedication it takes for those who make trips like this on a regular basis. The stamina and desire to serve others in other parts of the world is something I came to admire since being on our trip to Ukraine. I only wish I would have started this kind of thing earlier in life.
  2. The attitudes of the people we went to visit. I came back home with an entirely different view of all the things we have in America as individuals. I want to be as satisfied as the people there seemed to be.  I know they weren't in the best of situations and that they have things they don't like, but you didn't hear it much in their conversations.  They have come to be satisfied, at least somewhat, in whatever state they were in and I admire them for that and would have liked to thank them for showing me how selfish my life has been.  I hope I can be more like they were.

Goin' Fishing Ministries

Paul Kitzmiller, Director

P.O. Box 2474

Clarksville, IN 47131




Nakahara Christmas Report  (PDF)

Zimbabwe Newsletter December 2017 Robert Garrett  (PDF)

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