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News And Notes

by Bennie Hill

PORTLAND’S WHITE ELEPHANT SALE this year was combined with their Fall Festival.  As a result the number of people that came during the day increased by 2-3 times the normal crowd. All of the class and PTF (Parent-Teacher-Fellowship) fundraisers were outdoors.  The PTF put on their craft fair outdoors as well, plus a stage was added with live music during much of the day.  All of that contributed to a feeling of a real festival and the feedback has been very positive.  There were over 500 vehicles on campus during the day, maxing out all available parking spaces.

The sophomores, juniors, and seniors all made 3-6 times the amount that they usually make on their fundraisers, which is a huge win.   This will decrease the number of nickel and dime fundraisers during the rest of the year.   Also the PTF made some income, which is a new thing for the White Elephant Sale.

The Alumni’s live auction brought in about $5000.00 which is down this year. Although the crowd was larger there were no real big ticket items for the sale.  Keeping that in mind for next year, more effort will be made on the donation of larger items.

The overall day was much bigger and brought in more alums, school families, and the general public.  The results of the silent auction, booths, and food sales have not been reported yet.  But thanks be to God that all the funds help the school directly and indirectly.  (Report by Dan Wilson, Director of  Development)

THE ANNUAL THANKSGIVING SERVICE will be held at Portland’s Westport Road campus (8509 Westport Rd., Louisville, KY)  on SUNDAY EVENING, November 19th at 6:00 p.m.

 PRAYER/PRAISE BOOKLETS will NOT be printed this year.    Due to the high cost of mailing out over 1000 booklets and distributing to churches and individuals, we have decided NOT to print them this year.    Over the past few years, it seems there is little interest in this work and copies of the booklet just collect dust in many churches.   We will still provide information received from the various works through the News/Notes column of the Word and Work.   Our desire is to be better stewards of the money available to us for this purpose.   You can send all positive feedback to:

Church of Christ Worldwide, P.O. Box 54842,  Lexington, KY 40555  or, Benhill2468@gmail.com

LaGRANGE CHURCH OF CHRIST (LaGrange, Kentucky)  On October 1, 2017, Bros. Wayman Thompson and Nathan Shelton were ordained as ministers of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Bro. Keith Short of London, Kentucky gave these men the charge of 2 Timothy 4:1-5.  He also charged our congregation with our duties as God’s servants.  The men of the congregation gathered around these two men and putting their hands on their shoulders, prayed for and asked God’s blessing on them.  Following the service, we witnessed the baptism of a young lady.  Nathan is working with the youth her.


Our Ministry Partners have been informed and now we are informing our readership that CSM, Inc. will be dissolved early next year. Our board will convene for our final meeting in February when we will begin the necessary actions for closing our 501(c)3 corporation.

The reason for this has to do with Don’s inability to actively travel as he once did. Support is sufficient for the regular maintenance of the ministry, and for this we are grateful. However, the purpose of CSM is not to simply be a ministry that is maintained at something of a low-level status quo. It’s purpose is to take advantage of every opportunity to grow in size and in influence. Such growth is impossible without travel.

Don feels that to continue to receive funds only to maintain present circumstances is not the most effective use of our supporter’s generosity. Some will choose to redirect their support to similar ministries while others will send their support to other efforts close to their hearts. In either case the funds will be better used than to merely sustain a ministry that can no longer operate at the level it was intended to operate.

We will publish newsletters for November and December. Though the corporation will officially exist until legal procedures have terminated our 501(c)3 organization after February, 2018 we will no longer be in regular operation after the end of 2017.

Because of the generosity of our Ministry Partners CSM has never borrowed money for any reason, and we have never paid interest on our credit card. One hundred percent of our MP’s support has gone into the direct operation of the ministry.

Thank you for your interest in what we have done in proclaiming the imminent return of Jesus for His church. It is our prayer that God has been honored and that you have benefited from this effort. With the apostle Paul we wholeheartedly say, “Maranatha!”

KENTUCKY-INDIANA FELLOWSHIP for NEXT YEAR is being planned for JULY 23-28, 2018.   Get these dates on your schedule early and plan now to attend and support this effort among our Churches of Christ.   Bro. Wayman Thompson will be chairman.


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  1. Richard Lewis says:

    Will the 2018 Fellowship last all week?

  2. Richard Lewis says:

    Next year, 2018, will the Fellowship last all week?

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